5 Energy-Efficient IoT devices to make this world a better Place

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5 Energy-Efficient IoT devices to make this world a better Place

Just imagine – if the energy resources fuelling our world’s mechanisms suddenly ran out, what would happen?

Everything would be at a standstill. No more power. No more tools of convenience. No more future.

We would all be immersed in a darkness as ancient as the Stone Age.

What a dreadful picture of humanity’s destitution! Yet that’s precisely where we’re heading with our current voracious consumption in light of the scarcity of natural resources. Our mammoth carbon footprint is bound to bring our own downfall, unless we do something about it right this moment. Stop it in its tracks, before it stops us in ours.

But how can this herculean task be achieved?

With technology, of course, the very same technology which we use to steal away Earth’s treasures for our own purposes. But now we’ll be applying this technology to give something back to it in return. We’ll be offering a soothing balm to its uprooted surface by efficiently optimizing our energy use and taking up alternative resources. And the ‘Internet of Things’—the latest tech-advancement which empowers everyday internet-operated objects to sense, track, and make decisions—will help us through this cleansing process.

The following items are the innovative and environment-friendly IoT devices which promise to heal the damage done to the planet, and change this world for the better.

1.  Automated Thermostat:

In the olden days, people kept themselves warm during the deadly winter with fire, set ablaze on top of a pile of wood. After that, the predominant heat source shifted to coal, extracted from Earth’s depths. Then, it was the era of oil, which quickly became the era of gas. Now, we have electric heaters in our homes to stave off the chilly days. All of these energy resources not only burn up really quickly, bringing the danger of extinction, but they are relatively dangerous for the environment too.

Until we can find an adequate alternative which is a fool-proof energy provider, what we can do is optimize our use of our current resources, and dial it down from extreme to moderate.

An automated thermostat can alleviate these troubles to a great extent. Easily installable in homes, these elegantly designed devices can regulate in-house temperature, with an eye towards energy conservation. During peak electricity hours, they can turn off the unnecessary heavy duty appliances (like air conditioners), and send notifications over the house’s network. Other than that, the daily activity and schedule can be checked from a smartphone. Easy-peasy.

2.  E-Parking Solution:

Space has always been an issue for vehicle drivers. Especially today, when there are as many cars as there are heads in a crowded metropolis. More population, more chance of pollution.

But the most basic trouble of all for drivers: where is that one perfect parking spot? It only exists in dreams, to be honest. There are literally so many vehicles running over Earth’s face at the moment that it’s only a matter of years when there’ll be no standing ground left. Even now, if you observe a traffic jam, you’ll feel the frustration dripping from every driver’s face. Not only that, the poisonous emissions from the engines triple in intensity during a congestion, providing a lethal blow to the environment. But all of this can be averted by a smart, cloud-based parking system.

This advanced IoT system uses underground sensors and car-tracking poles to quantify parking space data, and then send it over a server to the controllers and drivers. Because of this, drivers know exactly where to park, and their chance of getting stuck on the roads is considerably lowered. Fuel is saved, energy is conserved, and aggression is allayed. All because of the IoT.

3.  Smart Waste Bin:

Eat the candy, throw away the wrapper. Buy the CD, chuck the plastic covering. Sip the branded coffee, dispose the polystyrene cup. That’s what we normally do, isn’t it?  We do indeed tend to enjoy the major moment, without caring for the minor details. We carelessly throw our waste away because we know that someone will be there to pick it up.

But what if one day no one took out your garbage? It would accumulate in your home first, then it would shift to the streets. Once the decomposition set in, the whole world would reek of early doom.

But with a smart bin, nothing like this will ever happen.

This solar-powered waste bin can sense the amount of waste in its belly, and then compact it in perfectly compressed cubes. The lesser the bulk of the waste, the lesser the energy required to dispose it. Once full, it notifies the pick-up driver over a smart network, while also sending the most convenient and accurate routes to follow. Cool, right?

4.  Responsive Lighting:

Imagine you are a caveman for a moment. You’re hunting all day, enclosed in a pitch black cave at night, with nothing to do but stare into oblivion. How limiting, right?

But then fire came on the scene, and illuminated even the darkest of nights. It brought new possibilities into life, and made you more productive. Since then, our nights have never been absolutely dark and frightening. There’s always been a source of light, helping us go through it.

However, this wonderful contraption has come at a price: excessive utilization of energy. There’s a way to avoid it, though. The solution is automated lights, which are connected over your home network, and control the whole lighting system for you. If no one’s in a room, lights turn off automatically, reducing use energy and your money expenses.

5.  Air Purifying Tower:

We’ve taken advantage of Earth’s hospitality for so long that now it’s started to turn sour. Countless trees have been cut down for wood and to make space for more buildings. This is a terrible addition when you consider that the air is already highly polluted due to industrial emissions. Collectively, what does that make? Fewer trees + lesser oxygen + more industrial smoke = smog.

But wait! There’s been an innovation in the technological sphere that promises to reverse the damage done. What is it?

A smog-free tower, which automatically sucks in polluted smog from the top, purifies it intensely, and then releases clean air from the bottom. It even converts the carbon deposit into wearable diamonds.

So perhaps our future isn’t as bleak as we imagined it to be. These IoT devices sound promising, don’t they?

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Author: Chris Albert

Digital Consultant Moreover several years experiences in Traveling and travel diaries making for Tech savvy I always try to come up with new trends as being Communicator for tech related topic specially in IOT, AI.

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