5 effective social media tools to help you excel in online marketing

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Today’s social media marker must add creativity in everything he does online. Decisions must not be based on just what others are doing, but what actually works for him. A trick that worked for a successful marker in the past may not necessarily go viral in today’s world—you must always be at the top of your game. To, however, put you at the top of your game at all times, you need tools—effective social media tools to help you excel in online marketing. Here are five of such tools to help you get out of the block.

Grammarly Keyboard: You may never know this, but one wrongly spelt word within a sentence could send out the wrong message to people. While you may not have the money to hire a proofreader, you can at least find yourself a grammar checker tool like Grammarly Keyboard to help with your autocorrection. It started out as an iOS app, and then came the Android version due to popular demand. I know you are in love with your Google Gboard or any other keyboard app on your phone, but did you know you can always switch back to them once you are done with posting to your social media accounts? So, avoid those needless typos and give the Grammarly Keyboard app a try. On the downside, Grammarly Keyboard takes a lot of space, and is actually about 70mb.

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SocialRank: Managing your audience on social media is so crucial to the success and the lifespan of your business—and so it is important to analyze their tastes and reactions. SocialRank helps you to analyze your Twitter and Instagram followers based on various criteria including engagement, influence, and many more. Once you connect your account, the web-based analytical tool will analyze your followers. The tool is integrated with the right features to filter your followers by verified status, location, and the number of times they post online.

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Calendly: Keeping your audience updated with latest information via the social media will not always be easy, especially when you start gaining ground. You need the right tools to schedule posts, podcasts, live video, and maybe interviews. Calendly is that kind of tool that ensures you never leave out the important things because your followers need to be informed at all times.

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Anders Pink: Want to stay abreast with current topics and content on the social media front? Anders Pink is exactly what you need. That aside, this curation tool can also be used to publicly share the stories you follow. Briefings can be set up based topics of interest, while topics are automatically updated with latest content at intervals.

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Lately: This tool helps you to analyze the consistency of your brand across different social media platforms. It provides you with a search box where you can key in your website and email address following which it displays your bio, profile picture, naming scheme on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. After reviewing your email and website, it then grades your consistency on those platforms.

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