5 Content Promotion Ideas to Boost your Business

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5 Content Promotion Ideas to Boost your Business

Over the years, content promotion or marketing has turned into a useful digital marketing strategy helping businesses reach and engage more quality leads. Not only does an informative and well-researched content help bringing more traffic to your site, but also build brand awareness. 

5 Content Promotion Ideas to Boost your Business

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However, your content will help your business grow only when you create an effective content promotion strategy for it. 

This post brings the best content promotion ideas for you, but before you follow them, make sure your website is capable enough to support your content marketing strategies. 

Remember, a slow loading website can negatively affect your website promotion efforts because 53% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

Though numerous factors can be responsible, your website loads slow, in most cases, it’s your web hosting’s fault. According to a popular speed testing tool Bitcatcha, server performance is a primary reason for slow loading website. So, it is advisable, to invest in that gives you everything you need to promote your content successfully.

Here are a few content promotion ideas that can increase your business’s reach.         

1. Start Guest Posting

5 Content Promotion Ideas to Boost your Business

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Guest posting is one of the most preferred content promotion tactics; the majority of online businesses are following today. It involves writing a blog post for relevant community blogs to reach a whole new audience that you may not have had access before. There are a few brands who have achieved more than 1 million people by guest blogging. So, try it.

Look for some relevant blogs to your business that accept guest blogs. It will help you get readers who are valuable to your company. Once you have a list of blogs, look up the terms they want you to follow and then start pitching topics.

Once your posts are published on different blogs, more people will come to know about you and your business. If publications find your content attention-grabbing, there is a good chance they will share your articles with their audience through email marketing and social media.                    

2. Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

Sharing content across different social media platforms is the most promising content promotion strategy numerous businesses are gaining profit from.

A statistic by Statista shows that the number of social media users worldwide will reach 3.02 billion by 2021.

5 Content Promotion Ideas to Boost your Business

Source – Statista

So, share your content on social media accounts and reach thousands of people.

Below are some ideas for content promotion on social media platforms

  • Create catchy headlines and blog titles your reader can’t resist. As you will be posting your content multiple times, create a new title for each social media platform.
  • Share your post at a time when most people are online and active. According to sprout social, Wednesday is the best day to post on Facebook at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. The least amount of engagement happens during the late night and early morning. So, avoid posting content at that time. 
  • According to some data studies, promoting the same content multiple times on social media helps you engage with followers.

3. Give Your Readers an Option to Share Your Content

Regardless of how engaging your content is, if you do not make it easy for your readers to share your content, it won’t get the exposure you want.

Some ways to make it easier for readers to share your content include:

  • Social Share Buttons

Add social media buttons to your content so that readers can share it with their friends, family, and colleagues with a few mouse clicks.

  • Click to Tweet

Take some meaningful quotes from your content and incorporate them as tweetable content. It will help your readers to share your content on their twitter handles with just one click.

  • Pin It

Adding Pin It button to your content gives your visitors a user-friendly way to share your content with their followers. Readers can share your visuals and infographics with others by pinning them to their Pinterest boards.               

4. Send Your Content to Email Subscribers

5 Content Promotion Ideas to Boost your Business

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It is one of the most easier yet most effective website promotion ideas that anyone can implement into their content promotion strategy. Write your content considering how it will fit into your email marketing campaign.

Whether you want to share an update about your brand or create a piece of content intended to target your email campaign, email is an excellent way to promote your new content. 

Since emails have higher click-through and response rate in comparison to most digital marketing channels. Make sure to create compelling subject lines.       

5. Share Your Content in the Comment Section

Sharing content in the comment section is a great way to meet new people. Not only does it boost brand awareness but also drive relevant traffic to your website.

Be active in industry communities and other relevant professional online organizations. Joining these communities will allow you to market your content and share it with those who may find it valuable. Find places where people hang out online. You may also dig around Facebook groups related to your business niche.

Once you have made a connection with people in your industry communities and joined relevant groups, address their problems and concerns. You can provide them with content that might solve their problems. For instance, if someone asks a question that is relevant to your business in a LinkedIn group; you can leave a brief comment and then share a link to your blog that has an answer to that question.               

Great Content Drives Businesses

The benefits of content promotion for business are numberless. From driving conversions to bringing more traffic to building brand awareness, a well written valuable content helps your business in various ways. However, it is up to you what content promotion strategy you use to get your content noticed. Hopefully, you will find tips mentioned above useful to promote your content, and ultimately your business.  

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