5 Benefits of Social Media for Your SME

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 Social media has the potential to turn SMEs into brands

Social media has the potential to turn SMEs into brands

We are witnessing what is the most advanced communication technology phase in history. The rise of social media has affected our lives for good, and its influence is now burgeoning beyond business and commercial sectors. Hubspot reports that in a recent survey, 92% of marketers said social media marketing is very important for their business. For an SME, this poses a lucrative opportunity to grow audience and branding prospects. Let’s take a look at the 5 biggest benefits of social media marketing to SMEs.

1. Increases Website Traffic

The Hubspot report suggests that 80% of marketers claim social media is effective in increasing website traffic as 73% of adults online use social media. The most common route to inbound traffic on your website is through sharing content on social media.

2. Generates Viable Leads

Social media is deemed highly effective in generating valuable leads while savings SMEs as much as 80% on their lead generation costs. Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads cost about only a third of traditional lead generation tools.

3. Boosts Content Marketing

The most commercially significant trend in social media in 2015 is, you guessed it, content marketing. Content marketing remains the most effective conversion tool on social media, followed closely by big data, mobile marketing, SEO, and online PR.

4. Builds Branding Prospects

Given the exposure your SME can get through social media, it is an effective source of increasing brand awareness, as 78% of SMEs suggest. While TV advertising remains the leading channel for branding, social media follows close with 26%, thanks to the large number of millennials.

5. Brings Reputation

SMEs that are on social media can earn a good reputation that legitimizes their brand. Through effective marketing and conversions, SMEs have reported that 63% of consumers engage with a brand to find out about more information.

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