5 Advanced Email Marketing Tools for 2019

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5 Advanced Email Marketing Tools for 2019

Eventually, looking for advanced marketing solutions means that your business is doing well, you’ve succeeded with your first sales and are now aiming for overall business sustainability and automation.

Marketing automation and highly targeted messages should be on your target if you’ re looking for a forward solution.

The tools below are the ones that can offer all that and much more. They all have a bold reputation, well-developed software and can help you with advanced email marketing.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

This great tool is the second on Capterra’s most popular email marketing tools list.  The reason for such a high position, Constant Contact is an easy-to-use, solid platform with great email deliverability rates.

Constant Contact provides its clients with standard email marketing tool offering – WYSIWYG email editor, newsletter campaigns, customer segmentation, a wide range of signup forms etc. Constant Contact also have tools for including live events, donations, coupons, online surveys into the emails so you don’t need to look for third-party integrations. Though what makes Constant Contact a solution for an advanced marketer is email automation workflows as well as A/B testing for subject lines.

Now, speaking about the price, it’s a little bit higher than similar software with the same or even wider feature set. Perhaps, that’s the price for a solid reputation of Constant Contact.

2. Omnisend

Advanced Email Marketing Tools for 2019


An is Omnisend. This tool is more progressive than any generic email marketing software and can address highly advanced marketer’s needs. Omnisend declares the omnichannel approach to the customers which empowers merchants to implement a fully integrated user experience and boost customer retention. Besides standard email marketing feature offering, this platform provides you with marketing automation via multiple channels, like text messages, emails, social media, instant messaging apps, Google ads, etc.

Omnisend has in-depth integration with eCommerce platforms. Because of that, this tool provides clients with extra comprehensive sales reports and unique in-store newsletter builder. Although the features are advanced, the interface is user-friendly. Easiness of use is one of the keywords when we speak about Omnisend.

The price is similar to competitors but more reasonable than Constant Contact’s or Klaviyo’s, which is the next on our list.

3. Klaviyo

Advanced Email Marketing Tools for 2019

Likewise Omnisend, Klaviyo perfectly matches the needs of marketers who want to segment and smartly approach their customers. Marketers on Klaviyo get comprehensive marketing automation functionality, signup forms, beautiful newsletters, etc.

If Omnisend emphasizes an uninterrupted communication flow via multiple channels, Klaviyo’s trump card is customer segmentation. Having the right tool for segmenting your audience and knowing how to use segments right can make you a wealthy man.

Speaking about the price, Klaviyo seems more expensive than the starting plans of the majority of the email marketing tools. But if we start comparing PRO plans, it seems more or less the same.

4. GetResponse

Advanced Email Marketing Tools for 2019

GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing tool which includes standard email marketing features, segmentation, marketing automation, CRM functionality, a tool for making webinars, etc.Despite all of that, it GetResponse claims itself as the simplest email marketing tool to use. Still, you will need some time to grasp it. What is more, GetResponse gives you extra value like access to free iStock photos and an iOS and Android app to send your newsletters or check their results on the go.

What we like about GetResponse the most, this tool offers a free 30 days trial. Unlike other email marketing software, this platform offers a testing period that’s twice as long, so you have more time to explore it and decide whether worth paying for it or not.

5. Active Campaign

Advanced Email Marketing Tools for 2019

Active Campaign is a sophisticated, advanced marketing representative. Next to generic email marketing, this platform enables you to organize the customer databases, manage sale pipelines, follow and make notes about the customer journey, etc. So it will cover CRM as well.

We would say, this tool is the most advanced on this list. Although Active Campaign provides clients with great support, be ready to spend some time learning how the platform with all its in-depth features works.

Wrap Up

All tools on the list are powerful and capable to provide your business with a plethora of advanced marketing features that have been discussed. Our recommendation would be to take advantage of free trials or request a live demo before making your decision. A great feature set is not everything. The interface, your smooth workflow, and the right feeling also matter a lot. That you can get only after trying the tool yourself.

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