4 Ways You Can Empower Your Employees

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4 Ways You Can Empower Your Employees

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What kind of employees do you want working in your organization? Do you want submissive individuals who just say “yes” over and over again until they punch the clock in the evening? Or would you prefer employees who are confident and feel empowered enough to make smart decisions that move your business forward?

4 Tactics for Empowering Employees

Very few people want to take a job where they’re expected to toe a company line, listen to orders, and follow strict stipulations given by dictatorial leaders who get energized by bossing others around.

The best talent – the kinds of people you want to hire – are much more interested in having the freedom they need to add maximum value to your business.

Looking for ways to cultivate a culture of empowerment? Here are some useful tactics that many top organizations and leaders use:

1) Give Employees a Voice

Employees understand their role and are willing to accept orders. However, they also need to feel like they have the freedom, power, and flexibility to make decisions.

As one consultant explains, “Employees want to know their opinion is valued and they are taken seriously when they speak up about their ideas on how to improve processes, operations, or overall department decisions. Employees are 30% more likely to believe they influence important decisions when they are listened to, asked their opinion, and empowered to speak up.”

You can give employees a voice by having roundtable discussions, creating opportunities for creating content, and developing hybrid teams where management and employees mutually work together to develop solutions.

2) Improve Communication Methods

One of the biggest problems in today’s organizations is that there’s a lack of smooth and efficient communication. There might be a large quantity of communication modes, but they’re all just noise. Improve how you communicate, and you’ll see a lot more efficiency in this area.

Every company is different, but consider . It’s known to have a faster delivery rate, higher open rate, and greater engagement. If you want to send out a message quickly and get a response, SMS is always going to perform better than email. 

3) Grant Freedoms

Treat employees like people with specific needs and desires. (This should be common sense by now, but it’s amazing how many organizations still view employees as “human capital.”)

One way you do this is by granting them freedoms, even if it doesn’t immediately seem advantageous to the business. 

If an employee needs to come in an hour later and leave an hour later so that he can drop his kids off at school in the morning, you should work with him on that.

If an employee gets stuck in a creative rut working in the same office every day, give her the opportunity to take her laptop outside for a couple of hours or occasionally work from home.

4) Allow Employees to Pursue Special Projects

Say what you want about Google, but they’ve developed a pretty impressive culture where people are willing to sacrifice almost anything just to work for them. And while they’ve experimented with a lot of things that didn’t end up working, their 20 Percent Rule has become one of their best decisions.

The 20 Percent Rule basically encourages employees to spend 20 percent of their time at the company working on their own side projects. In other words, they get one full day per week to work on things that they’ve drummed up. In fact, this is where Gmail, AdSense, Google Maps, and a variety of other Google products started.

You might not be able to give up 20 percent of company time per employee, but you should encourage them to pursue special projects that they believe would benefit the company. You never know what will come out of it!

Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

In today’s day and age, you should be doing everything within your power to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. This can be done in any number of ways, including through marketing, innovation, and sales. But if you really want to revolutionize your business from the inside out, you should focus on creating a competitive advantage through a unique management style that empowers your team to be the best they can be. 

Hopefully, this article has given you some useful ideas to work with as you move forward. 

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