4 Ways to Get Traffic from Reddit to Your Website

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There are companies receiving thousands of traffic from Reddit to their websites. 

4 Ways to Get Traffic from Reddit to Your Website 
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Reddit is intimidating. But if you understand how it works, it can help in boosting your traffic from Reddit and improve your content marketing.

The site receives 1.49 billion total visits, according to SimilarWeb. Most users are from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the users here are highly engaged with a bounce rate of lower than 30%. 

Thus, if you’re targeting people from these countries, then Reddit can help improve your traffic. But you need to understand how it works. 

Besides a social networking site, Reddit is also a site aggregator. Its users can submit links from other websites relevant to the community. 

Upon submission, your post may receive an upvote or downvote. The voting system is known as Karma. 

The higher the Karma score is, the better your credibility on Reddit will be. In that case, you must avoid getting downvotes. 

And to avoid downvotes, you must only submit or post content that’s relevant and valuable to the community. 

You should also understand that Reddit has subreddits. These subreddits are based on specific interests. There are various subreddits that you can join, from fitness to technology to dogs. 

If you wish to boost your traffic from Reddit, you need to target specific subreddits related to your website. But you can just submit any link to this website. 

Remember that this site has active moderators. They’re strict. You have to follow their guidelines or you’ll be banned from the community. 

1. Know the Community 

You need to understand how Reddit users use this site. There’s no way for you to succeed in this site if you don’t know how users engage with the content in this community. 

To better understand the users, you should look at its demographics. Most of the people here are in their 20s and 30s. They also use this site to find news and read interesting articles. 

The community is strong and the users don’t fully engage with promotional content. However, if your content can solve their problems, then they’re likely to respond. 

The users are highly likely to upvote your content if it’s helpful to the community. Valuable content will improve your post’s chances of being discovered. 

You might even be featured on r/todayilearned/ subreddit with over 24 million users. 

4 Ways to Get Traffic from Reddit to Your Website 

To fully understand the community, you need to be an active member of Reddit and subreddits. Since the Reddit community is huge, focus on the subreddits that are related to your niche. 

2. Find Relevant Subreddit to Follow 

Subreddit is a powerful feature of Reddit. It’s a topic where you and the other users can talk about anything related to your niche. 

For instance, if you join the r/technology subreddit, expect to read posts, links, and comments about the latest technology news. If you’re selling Apple products, you can join r/apple community. 

When choosing the right subreddit, you must think about your audience. It’s easy to find subreddits, though. The site has a search bar located on the right-hand corner. Use it to explore the topics you wish to join. 

Once you join the community or subreddit, take note of what the audience talks about. If you wish to join the discussion, you must acquaint yourself with the Reddit lingo or its native language. 

Study how people engage with the content. But don’t get frustrated when you see harsh comments. It’s quite common on Reddit. 

3. Be an Active Member 

After knowing how the community works and talks, you must participate in the community or discussion. Start by commenting on one post. But leave a valuable comment. 

But don’t post your site’s link yet. As mentioned, the Reddit community isn’t kind on marketing

Reddit is known for rejecting any type of sales. That’s why if you don’t know how the community works, you will find Reddit to be intimidating. 

Furthermore, if you’re new to this community, users may doubt you. To avoid that, you must gain their trust first before you market your products. 

Also, most of the links provided by the community are from authority websites, like Washington Post, CBSNews, etc. If your website isn’t on that level yet, users might downvote it. 

Before you can start submitting your site’s link, you need to offer the community value. In other words, you must be an esteemed member first. 

In that case, you can’t just post your link on Reddit after signing up. You will have to participate in the discussion for a few weeks before you can submit your links without being downvoted and shunned by users. 

4. Post a Great Content 

Now, after you have participated in the community and provided value to it, it might be time for you to submit a link to your site. When submitting a link, make sure to follow the rules of the community, else you’ll be banned. 

As mentioned, Reddit users want high-quality content. They don’t want to see ads. If you’re selling a supplement or fitness equipment, you should talk about a general topic related to health and fitness. You should post it as advice and not an ad. 

And of course, you will know the rules if you have been participating in it for a while. You will know what kind of post that works and what doesn’t. 

When submitting your link, don’t just post the link and expect to get traffic from Reddit. It all starts with a catchy title. 

Posting a great title will guarantee that your users will see your post. There are several submissions per page. Thus, if you want to get seen, make sure you create a compelling title that will surely stand out. 

Use tags if applicable. But don’t just submit tags without context. 

If your first submission didn’t gain traction even if you followed the rules, you should not re-submit it. Reposts are not fully accepted here. 

You can post it again but do it after a few days. Before re-submitting your post, you must get rid of your original post first.

Make sure that you submit it with an amazing title to get several upvotes. 


Getting traffic from Reddit takes a lot of testing and rejections. However, once you get the hang of it, you can get a significant amount of upvotes and traffic to your site. And those visitors might become your loyal subscribers. 

And if your site is featured on a large subreddit, expect to get thousands of visits per day to your site. That’s huge traffic. Then again, Reddit is a tough crowd. You need to do it right if you wish to win big. 

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