4 ways social media has made the world a better place

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4 ways social media has made the world a better place

Source – https://www.digitaltrends.com/features/the-history-of-social-networking/

There are a variety of opinions out there about social media which vary.  Some people believe that it has attributed to the demise of society and encourages people to waste their time on meaningless activity.  While others believe that it’s been a great tool for the advancement of culture.

While there may be a number of people who abuse the use of social media and lose productivity due to excessive activity, there are others who have managed to use it as a tool to not only improve their own lives but others’ as well.

Here are some of the biggest ways that social media has changed the world for the better and how.

1) Encouraged Entrepreneurship

Social media provides an opportunity for visibility that the world has never seen before.  Once upon a time in order to get massive recognition for your product or service you had to have the funds on hand to be able to pay for billboards or advertising on television and publications.

Now, not only can you reach incredibly high amounts of people, but you can do it for free without paying a dime.  As a result, people now have the opportunity for huge wealth in just about any industry.  This equal opportunity platform gives the same amount of opportunity from someone who offers property management services to someone who builds wooden children’s toys.

2) Reconnected People from Your Past

Once upon a time if you lost contact with someone you weren’t likely to be able to connect with them over 20 years later unless they were extremely unique circumstances.

Social media has provided the unique opportunity like never before seen to be able to search for a name and find them again.  This can be incredible for separated family members or old friends.

3) Spread World Awareness

With the power of social media, many people have been able to get an audience for their issues which may not have been acknowledged at one point in time.

There have been many situations of injustice brought to light through the power of viral posts of photos and videos.  Because of people sharing them amongst themselves the world has become a safer place in many ways as a result of their exposure.

4) Increased Access to Information

People who don’t necessarily have the money to be able to pay for education are able to learn about the world through the convenience of the internet.

The internet provides information at no cost for all sorts of subjects and is a great tool for many people with fewer resources. While some people may take this for granted there is an entire world of people out there who cherish the ability to do a search for just about anything.

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