4 tips to set up a captivating landing page

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4 tips to set up a captivating landing page

Source – https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2016/07/15/5-landing-page-examples-to-follow-for-your-own-campaign/#28127adb14ae

Social media interaction is not an end unto itself. There is a reason that you want to be good at social media. You want to direct traffic back to your home page, which will then direct people to interact with whatever your goal is, particularly from a business perspective.

So, how would you like to set up your landing page so as to lead your audience towards it? Your home page is your primary page that should be balanced i.e. comprehensive and ‘to the point’ at the same time, as well as it should be modular and responsive. It should link to more social media accounts and it should be the most search engine friendly page on your entire website. Following those guidelines will help create a better experience for your clients and give you a better brand image.

Encompassing and To-the-Point

Your landing page should be the heart of your website. If you’re going to use social media to point to it, then it needs to offer the core of your branding message right away. For instance, if you run a law office, all of your social media interactions should point to your webpage that immediately offers all of the . If you run a commercial enterprise, the landing page at the end of your social media interactions should have a way to immediately get to the things that you sell. Any loss of attention or interest between a forum and a purchase point is going to be a loss that is unnecessary and preventable.

Modular and Responsive

These days, you need to create a website that has a responsive design. A lot of social media is consumed on mobile phones. So, if you link to your site from a mobile phone, what does it look like? If the text is the wrong size or the layout is awkward, people will immediately click off, and you’re done. By having a responsive design on your landing page, the attention directly from social media can go directly to the services offered on your main webpage.

Link to More Social Media Accounts

There is the matter of networking all of your social media accounts together as well. People have different preferences as to what platform you like. Some people like Twitter better. Other people only use Facebook. There’s a segment of the population that is more interested in Instagram. That’s why you have to have accounts on all of those sites. Using social media for business purposes is a skill, and it’s one that you have to practice by broadening your horizons.

Making It Super SEO-Friendly

Your landing page should be the most search engine optimization friendly page that you have. You should have the perfect ratio of keywords, headings, subheadings, photos, videos, and other data. Because all of your social media will be pointing to that web page, Google’s algorithm is going to treat you as much more valuable if you have your context correctly organized soundly.

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