4 Tasks Must Be Included In Your Weekly Social Media Activities Checklist

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Do you know what to do for your next social media activities? No idea? This is one of the mistakes of most social media marketers. They do not know what to do every day or every week to boost their social media marketing campaign. Posting updates of your brand is not enough to build a long list of followers and improve conversion rates.

4 Tasks Must Be Included In Your Weekly Social Media Activities Checklist

4 Tasks Must Be Included In Your Weekly Social Media Activities Checklist

In this post, I will cover some of the things that you can do weekly to improve your social media presence.

Know the Stats

Checking the status of your SMM on a daily basis is important. However, checking it weekly is more useful as it helps you analyze what works and what does not work when the week is over.

You may use a spreadsheet to know your best-performing posts. This will give you a better idea of the ways to hone your content.

Note the number of clicks and re-shares for each post. It is also essential to look into the number of people who have seen it. This will give you a plan of what to post next or what makes your audience become interested in what you say or update.

Communicate with Partners or Influencers

Your daily social media checklist should involve engaging with your audience. However, it is also best to engage with influencers. This will give you the opportunity to reach out to those people who are outside your circle but engage with individuals who are popular in your industry.

Influencers do not have to be celebrities or politicians. They can be people with thousands or millions of followers. They can also be people with verified status or who played an important role in your industry.

Your goal here is to build a connection with them. It does not matter whether or not they respond. Your reply will be seen on their feed. If you posted interesting comment, they might favorite or reply to you.

Apart from influencers, it is also important to engage with your partners in the industry or even competitors. It is essential to foster great relationships with your peers and competitors to help you collaborate with them.

Participate in Chats or Events

On a weekly basis, social media events occur, like Google Hangouts or Twitter chats. You should consider participating in a Hangout for community managers in your industry. Take this opportunity to mingle with the people who are in the same niche as yours.

Update Your Ads

If you are running social media ads, you should check and refresh them weekly. Eliminate those that are not gaining leads and keep the ones that are providing you with better results. Then, experiment new ads that may offer more value to your audience.

Discuss with your team the next tactics you should implement to boost your campaign. Talk about how you are going to engage with thought leaders and some marketing partners. Then, analyze your social media analytics.

What Do You Think?

These strategies are just suggestions. You can have as many tasks as you want for your weekly assignment to boost social media campaign.

What tasks have you included in your weekly checklist? Do they include the tasks we have mentioned? 


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