4 tips to rapidly generate quality online content

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You just heard about it and you need your marketing to profit from the breaking news. How fast can you create quality content?

Writing is challenging, even if you have a natural talent for it. It takes courage and time to create the perfect press release, blog or social media post. You can ask a professional for assistance, but what do you do if your regular agent isn’t available to create that eBook you need?

Below we’ll give you a few tips on improving your next piece of writing. You can do it and you can do it fast. Here’s how.

When Blogging

It’s daunting to imagine putting 500 or 1000 words together, right? What if you run out of things to say?

The number one tip professional writers tend to give is to buy yourself some glue. Attaching yourself to a chair will keep you looking at your screen so you start writing. Because here’s the truth: Inspiration won’t come while you walk around the room. It happens when you start typing.

And here are a few other tips that really work:

  • Time yourself so the pressure gets the adrenaline flowing .This will get ideas flowing.
  • Listen to rhythmic music without lyrics.
  • Use headphones to cut out all distractions.
  • Start with an outline and then fill in the blanks.

4 tips to rapidly generate quality online content

Social Media Marketing

What will you write about today? Multiple weekly posts are necessary to keep your followers entertained. But how do you keep creating new ideas? Save time by using managing software. You can schedule the week’s post ahead of time, instead of doing it daily.

When it’s time to create your posts, let these themes spark your creativity:

  • Entertaining posts, because browsers love humor
  • Informative content to meet users’ desire for valuable content
  • Current news to prove you stay relevant
  • Personal stories to make yourself known to your followers and build trust
  • Share other (relevant) users’ posts so you can benefit from connecting with their audiences too
  • Create competitions, polls or start discussions to ensure your followers are given a chance at engaging with you

All these tips make for a holistic profile that caters to different types of users.

Upgrading Your Website

Easy tips to change your website into a user friendly platform:

  • Rewrite content to state how you meet consumers’ needs, not how great you are
  • State how you’re different to your competitors

These themes are easy to create content for and they tell your audience it’s worth staying on your site a little longer.


Not getting the sales you want? Are you sure your website caters for users’ needs? Adding this information is quick, but may boost your sales figures instantly:

  • Improve product descriptions, making them more detailed.
  • Place payment options in clear view.
  • Post videos about how products are used, to give visitors absolute clarity.

Visitors will navigate away the moment they don’t find answers to their questions, so make sure you share every possible fact.

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Author: Ruchi Gupta

Ruchi Gupta’s experience as academic writer created the valuable foundation for the quality content she creates as freelance blogger.

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