4 Must-Try Wireless Charging Devices for People on the Go

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4 Must-Try Wireless Charging Devices for People on the Go

As travel blogger, I need to be connected all the time. But my charging cables are almost useless since there isn’t always a power outlet in places I visit. I do have a powerbank, but its wires get too messy and tangled in my bag. A friend told me about portable wireless charging, and after doing a bit of research to check if my phone can be charged wirelessly, I was sold.

Good thing, my Samsung Galaxy S6 supports wireless charging, so I didn’t need to buy accessories to make my device compatible with Qi standard. It was easy for me to shift from wired to wireless charging.

Out of all the several portable wireless chargers that I’ve tried so far, four of them stood out in terms of functionality, portability, safety, and compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices. They are listed here in no particular order:

ChoeTech Stadium Qi Fast Wireless Charger

4 Must-Try Wireless Charging Devices for People on the Go

Source – http://www.choetech.com/stadium-3-coil-qi-wireless-charger/

If you want something inexpensive yet delivers, this wireless charger for starters is worth a try.

For its price and features, this device is worth more than its cost. Its even surface keeps the phone in contact with the device for continuous charging. And because ChoeTech has four plastic feet as support, the charger itself will stay put.

Another remarkable feature is its portability. Its sleek and slim body (at only about 2 inches wide and a little less than half an inch thick) makes it easy to slip into tiny and tight pockets. Because it is also fairly lightweight, it makes for a perfect travel companion.

Prelude Portable Wireless Charger

4 Must-Try Wireless Charging Devices for People on the Go

Source – https://bezalel.co/pages/prelude-wireless-charger

If you are looking for a wireless charger that works with different kinds of devices, the easy-to-use, fully mobile Prelude might be ideal for you.

Aside from giving the iPhone 6  three full charges and the Galaxy S6/Edge 2.5 full charges, it can also give a Moto 360 smartwatch 20 full charges. I tried using it on my GoPro Hero 3+, and it worked! To find out how much juice is left in your charger, check the four small light bulbs on the side. When I am on the go, I use this nifty feature to plan out when and where to charge my device.

Lastly, the Prelude emits only ionizing energy, making it safer than the electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by regular charging devices. Although the World Health Organization has already assured the public that exposure to EMF is not a cause for concern, it’s good to know that there’s a safer charging option we can turn to.

QiStone+ Wireless Portable Charger

4 Must-Try Wireless Charging Devices for People on the Go

Source – https://fonesalesman.com/products/qistone-plus

When I first saw the QiStone+, its design immediately caught my attention. True to its name, it does look like a stone—an intricately designed stone at that. It has just the right shade of gray with perfectly distributed grains that make it look modern and sleek. It also has rounded edges that not just look good but also give a good grip.

The QiStone+ weighs only about 4 ounces, so it was light enough to carry everyday. It can also charge two devices simultaneously with its built-in USB port where you can plug in a mobile device while you wirelessly charge another on top.

Its four indicator lights show how much juice is left in the charging pad, which is helpful to travelers who want to prepare for the times when it needs a recharge.

Anker PowerPort Qi Wireless Charger

4 Must-Try Wireless Charging Devices for People on the Go

Source – https://www.anker.com/products/B2511111

If size and portability is your main concern, you will love the Anker PowerPort Qi wireless charger. It looks like those wireless coaster buzzers used in cafes and restaurants to let you know that your order is ready, except that it comes in a smaller size.

Aside from its flat surface, it also has an anti-slip rubber coating that keeps your phone in place for continuous charging.

What makes it stand out from the other items in this list is its temperature control and idle mode features that protect mobile devices against overcharging and overheating. So if you do not want to check your charging pad every now and then, the Anker PowerPort Qi wireless charger is worth looking into.


Which of the four wireless chargers works best? I cannot tell that for sure, as it will depend on your specific needs as a traveler. Regardless of your choice, make sure it is functional, portable, safe, and most importantly, compatible with your phone model.

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Author: Joan Amelia Kissler

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