4 cool ways to improve your blog traffic

4 cool ways to improve your blog traffic

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Though there are some writers who’ve decided to blog as a passion, means of emotional release, or simply to entertain and inform others, many bloggers decide to create a blog as a method of making money. For your blog to make money, however, you need regular visitors accessing your site daily. With increased website traffic, the methods you used to monetize your blog are more likely to pay off. So, how can you get new followers short of asking? Here are some solutions that have worked in the past.

Social Media Targeted Ads

Social media platforms like Facebook offer businesses the opportunity to post ads to targeted audiences. Based on your brand and ideal reader you can create engaging advertisements that encourage users to either click on your social media profile or head over to your blog. Unlike a blanket social media post which would only reach those who are currently following you, targeted ads are run for several days, weeks, or months and are generated on the newsfeeds of those who are interested in your industry. This means getting authentic followers on a regular basis.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the advertising of products and/or services that you don’t own. You can hire affiliate marketers to help drive traffic to blog with cost per action (cpa) offers. Cost per action offers allow you to pay marketers if and when customers complete the action which in this case would be to provide an email or subscribe to your blog.

Another option is becoming an affiliate marketer yourself. Followers are not only looking to be entertained but are also looking to be informed. While you may not want the responsibility of a store, if you can help your readers to find great deals on digital products and services they need, they’re more inclined to visit your site for advice.

Contests and Giveaways

What says visit my site more often than having frequent contests and giveaways? When there are freebies involved, you can almost guarantee that people are going to follow the rules to get their prize. Through social media or on your blog you can host periodic contests and giveaways to generate new traffic. Ask for email addresses, subscriptions, or other contact information in exchange for an entry to win something your readers could appreciate. Even a $5 gift card for coffee can earn you several hundred emails or subscribers.

Guest Blogging

If your blog is too new, getting more traffic can be harder to do. As most online readers like to stick with publications they can trust, it may take a while for you to build credibility. In the meantime, however, if you start guest posting articles on authoritative forums you can increase your visibility and build a rapport with your target audience. Instead of always posting on your own blog, ask about guest posting on more popular blogs or doing a feature post on a popular publication. With your byline and contact information included readers will feel safer visiting your blog.

Another option you have for building more traffic is to allow other bloggers to guest post on your blog. Locating established bloggers in your niche and asking for even a small 500-word blog post could make a huge difference in your web traffic. As their followers see their posts on your site, they’ll be more inclined to check out what it is you have to say.

Social media ads, affiliate marketing, contests, and giveaways, along with guest posting are all proven methods for increasing your blog traffic. As you start implementing these strategies, be sure that you’re fully aware of who your target audience is, what their needs are, and how you can best reach them. With persistence and creativity, in time, you’ll have more followers than you care to count.

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