4 B2B Email Marketing Strategies to Try in 2021 and Beyond

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4 B2B Email Marketing Strategies to Try in 2021 and Beyond

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2020 was filled with strategies we could implement remotely, and the same might not work for the future too. Last year due to the pandemic on the rise, businesses were using new techniques and strategies to learn to live in the situation we are put in. Every time a condition like this arises marketers invent new methods to make the most of the circumstances they are in. It has led to various ideas on the flow in the B2B market. Working towards current marketing strategists is essential nowadays. Is there is any better way to get better results than before though? Of course, there is, and is explained here.

We know email is the preferred channel for B2B marketers. Email allows the direct conversational style of communication with your customers; email campaigns are highly measurable and boost high return on investment upon any other channel exit globally.

Now, let us dive into my top five B2B email marketing tips that can help you to improve your marketing skills for 2021 and the years to come:

1) Create your Own Customer Persona

One of the winning strategists is targeting your audience. When you do not know your audience or prospects are interested in your service. You cannot run a campaign successfully.

A customer persona is a group of people who share qualities that suit the products or services you offer. Finding your target audience does not have to be a challenging task. You can segment them based on various parameters and narrow down recipients into a niche audience. These audiences are most likely going to buy your product or service.

You must know the importance of building a customer database that helps you gain measurable outcomes. Your targeted audience is the foundation of your plans to promote your product/service, which will lead customers to conversion and seal unwanted bounces. Here is the guide to create a detailed customer persona from HubSpot itself.  

2) Eye-Catching Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is the main ingredient to email marketing. It determines the factor between lead and conversion. Your call to action is the chance to motivate your prospects to take real steps toward becoming a prospect or customer. People always depend on CTA to take the next step. Omitting CTA can confuse the readers and the chance of sealing conversion.

You do not want to let your readers go looking for a CTA in the emails. Make sure the CTA catches their eye. A call to action is the next move your customers can take after just going through email. You can create CTAs that encourage your readers to buy your product. CTAs that are more like shop now, act now, buy it today, order now, get off, and much more.

3) Use Dedicated Landing Page for your Campaign

Using a dedicated landing page is one of the best practices to lead your customers to conversion. Campaign specific landing pages will not interest customers with unwanted information.

If you do not have a specific landing page for your campaign – people will read through your site and get bored by irrelevant information and get back to browsing, which may lead you to an increased bounce rate. Landing pages play a significant role in your marketing campaigns as another element. Customized landing pages with relevant content and images gives them what they are looking for. And it will encourage the customers to buy the product.

There are several ways you can create a good landing page:

  • Be a Minimalist with Natural Navigations
  • Use a Header, Without Fail, to Broadcast Offer Value
  • Make Your Page Highly Mobile Friendly
  • Keep Your Forms Short and Crisp
  • Tailor Your Landing Pages for Individual Audiences to Enjoy
  • Match Landing Page Copy with your PPC Ads

There is also some landing Page Mistakes Should Avoid:

  • Stuffing More Information that is irrelevant
  • Missing the Call to Action Button on the Landing Page
  • No one wants to wait to make use of several ways that allow reducing your loading time

4) Test your campaign

There is no better tactic than testing what works best for you. A/B testing, which is also called split testing. It is one of the best practices to verify two different campaigns. By launching both, you get to know which campaign is effective and performing at maximum capacity.

Also, the A/B test helps to decide which campaign should you sent to your customers in order to receive a high conversion rate.

Through a good A/B test plan you can make the right decision that will increase your revenue and keeps your customers engaged with your business.

Great real-time examples of A/B testing are of companies that used A/B testing like HubSpot, Groove, Csek, and much more. It will work if you shoot your shot at it too.


B2B marketing is Endless. Each year B2B marketing and marketers bring a new way to market their product or service. When you come with a clear B2B marketing strategy, it is easy to push your business towards success. It is entirely your job to adopt, adapt, and invent new changes, which will help your business. From this article, you can take away some actionable ways for your marketing operations.

More than 700,000 businesses are opened each year in the USA, and within a matter of two years, more than 150,000 of them fail due to improper strategies. It is entirely a business priority to make your place in the ever-evolving market and take up new ideas into the system. With a well-planned strategic structure, you can be constant in the B2B market of 2021. Here is one of those strategies you can make the most out of for the upcoming years.

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Author: John Calvin

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