3x Apple Rejected Spotify’s Audiobook App from Its App Store

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This is the latest feud between the two companies. 


Apple Won’t Accept Spotify Audiobook App

It is clear that the main goal of Spotify is to be the main source of audio. Spotify wants to offer audiobooks that’s why it created an audiobook app. Unfortunately, it runs into an obstacle — Apple. 

According to Spotify, Apple’s App Store rejected the said app three times. The reason is that the new audiobooks offer broke the company’s rules regarding how developers communicate with customers about purchases online. 

This is the latest rivalry between the two. For seven years, Spotify and Apple are fighting over the rules that the iPhone maker imposes on apps. The music-streaming giant vehemently dislikes the 30% fee on the services and products that every app sells. 

Spotify thinks that the rejection is another example of how Apple hampers its rivals. The company has already filed a complaint against Apple in Europe in 2019. It urged regulators to give app developers the freedom to tell customers about how to purchase products outside the payment system of Apple. 

During the product development, Spotify included its own legal team. It even tapped Nir Zicherman, who is a former start-up founder, to spearhead the effort. 

Last year, the iPhone maker agreed to change one of its rules about how developers communicate with consumers. 

However, Spotify is facing issues to implement the feature. It wanted to direct its customers to buy books to listen to in the app, instead of giving Apple the 30% share. 

Apple allowed Spotify to send its customers emails about online purchases. But it can’t add a button in the app to request emails. 

Although App Store approved it in September, it reversed course and now it is rejecting its subsequent updates. 

The 9-Step Process 

Spotify makes it easier for consumers to purchase an audiobook. It involved tapping on an audiobook. The consumer will see a screen with a lock. 

When they press the play button, they are provided with a page where they could request details on how to purchase a book. The details will be sent to their emails. The email will provide a link where the customers can purchase the book. 

Apple does not have issues with reader apps. However, Spotify did not follow the guidelines regarding in-app communications. 

“The Spotify app was rejected for not following the guidelines regarding including explicit in-app communications to direct users outside the app to make digital purchases. We provided them with clear guidance on how to resolve the issue, and approved their app after they made changes that brought it into compliance.”

Spotify released a new version to remove information about how consumers can purchase an audiobook from the site. Apple approved it. But users will have no option to buy an audiobook within the app. 

Google Play, on the other hand, allows Spotify’s Android app to let listeners click a button and receive an email about how to buy the audiobook online.

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