3 Top Social Media Platforms for Video Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The most engaging content type nowadays is video. As technology catches up with its ever-increasing network capacity and enhanced mobile device features, it is easier than ever to always stream video content. And it has changed how we communicate, engage, and interact.

Brands need to recognize this. You need to recognize this.

You may not need a video marketing strategy now. Some businesses may think it needs too much time, cost, and effort to create video material and new content.

But how we consume content has evolved. Consumers have shifted to video content, such that it has become the new norm.

TikTok’s rapid rise to the top is testament to this.

If video is not in your marketing list, you are way behind the competition. Consider the cost versus benefits that you can reap from it. Newer devices and tools have made it more accessible for everyone to create their own video content.

How important is the shift to video?

ShortStack has outlined the trend below. It comes with an overview of the general video consumption trends to help you devise your video marketing strategy on these platforms.

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Author: Francis Rey

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