3 Top Password Manager Apps You Can Use Today

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With a password manager, you no longer have to worry about forgetting complex passwords. 

All password manager apps can improve cybersecurity because you no longer have to rely on your memory. In other words, you can now use long phrases, punctuation, capitalization, and symbols without the need to remember them all. 

Furthermore, these tools let you use stronger passwords for every account. Thus, in the event of a hack, it won’t cause a cascading effect. Other accounts won’t be compromised. 

Many password manager apps won’t only let you store passwords and logins but you can also save your credit card information. But not all password manager apps are created equal. 

Here are the top 3 best password manager apps that you can access today. 

1. Bitwarden

Although this is a paid app, it has a free limited version. It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, and iOS, as well as Android and Linux. 

This is an open-source encryption password manager that can generate passwords, then store them or fill your passwords across your devices. You can also share your log-in information with another person. 

It’s cheaper compared to other apps. For only $10 a year, you can subscribe to the 1GB encrypted file storage feature. 

2. LastPass 

This, too, has a free version. However, the features are limited. It’s more expensive than BitWarden if you wish to get its premium feature as you have to pay $36 a year. 

The best thing about LastPass is that its free version lets you sync your login information and credentials across your mobile devices and browsers. Other apps won’t let you do that unless you upgrade to its paid version. 

The paid version allows you to use multifactorial authentication using YubiKey. This premium feature also allows you to obtain 1GB encrypted storage. 

3. Dashlane 

If you’re just a beginner, Dashlane’s UI is less overwhelming compared to LastPass. Furthermore, you can save passwords and login information in just a click or two. 

Dashlane also offers a more comprehensive audit report than Bitwarden and LastPass. And if you wish to share your password with someone, it’s easier to do it with Dashlane than the other apps mentioned above. 

Which One Should You Choose? 

Although all of these password manager apps are useful and they’re good at storing your credentials, the one you should use will depend on your preference. You may need to test its features before you can settle into one app. 

When examining these apps, you need to know what you’re looking for in a password manager. Are there specific features that you want? 

All of these apps have free versions. You can test each app for a day to see what its features are and find out if it meets your requirements. 

Should You Upgrade to Their Premium Versions?

Since there are free versions for these apps, you may not need to pay to use their features. However, the free versions are limited. 

You will find yourself needing to store more than 10 passwords. In that case, you will need to up your encrypted file storage, which requires a premium version.  

What password manager app you’re using and why? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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