3 Things to Get the Attention of Younger Audience Through Social Media Marketing

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Does your brand target young audience? How is it? For most companies, connecting with young audience can be a struggle. But, once you understood young people, they will listen to you.

3 Things to Get the Attention of Younger Audience Through Social Media Marketing

3 Things to Get the Attention of Younger Audience Through Social Media Marketing

What most marketers do but do not realize is that they treat younger individuals as if they were a different species. Just like any type of demographics, young people are also eyeing for quality content.

Do Not Try So Hard

No one wants to be with someone who tries so hard to impress you or other people. Younger individuals do not like this type of people at all. Thus, stop trying so hard to be quoting an already tired meme or going on hot topic without substance. You may be trying to be nice to them but they find it very annoying.

To be successful in social media marketing, you need to be yourself. You may consider a topic to be cool and write it in a tone that your young audience prefers. But it may cause you to lose them in an instant. As to why, they considered it as unoriginal because that cool topic is already overflowing in the Internet.

What experts recommend is to just be yourself. Express your own sense of humor. As a social media marketer, express your own perspective about a certain topic that may interest you. But make sure that it is related to your business and might be intriguing to your audience.

Your younger audience hates a try-hard persona.

Embrace Brevity

Brevity in social media is one of the keys to attract younger audience. It is true that providing your audience clever words and increasing word count might somehow impress them. However, it might still backfire.

Social media users do not have time to read your long post. When you are using Facebook, you should only use a few sentences. On Instagram, captions must be a few words. And on Twitter, it is only 140 characters.

As you embrace brevity, you can express yourself more effectively and be able to reach your audience faster.

When you are creating a post, always remember that your audience, be they young or old, have short attention spans. Thus, you must focus on writing posts that can be quickly grasped and be taken in.

And be clear with your message.

Avoid Click-Bait

Writing click-bait headline is a no-no in social media. This is one of the mistakes that most social media marketers make. It may make plenty of social shares but it will cause negative feedback, especially from younger individuals.

Most of the time, click-bait offers no sense to these younger people. You may do it once but not often.

Else, you will lose their loyalty. Bear in mind that younger individuals can be harsh when they criticize a brand and that might include yours.

Do not follow those brands that waste the time of these people.

That said, you should only publish your update on social media if you are confident that it can add value to them.

What do you think of these suggestions? Are you following some of them? How do you reach out to your younger audience?

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