3 Things Businesses Shouldn’t Do When Engaging in Social Media

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In order to ensure a successful run, businesses always have to keep track of their social media marketing strategies and habits, making sure that they lure people rather than discourage them from being their clients. Overly self-centered, bland sales posts, along with tactless posts could lead to followers eventually leaving, along with the chance to make new clients. Below are three commonly-committed social media errors businesses should avoid committing:

1. Posting about nothing but the businesses’ services and products.

Steven D. Strauss, a small-business specialist and writer of “The Small Business Bible” recommends implementing the 80-20 policy to ensure effective communication with clients through social media, which states that only 20 percent of social media posts are to be about the company and its nature, with the 80 percent to be on catering to consumers’ concerns and problems.

2. Posting insensitively about otherwise sensitive matters

An example for this is the case of Kenneth Cole, a Fashion designer who has come under fire for tweeting something that had something to do with the “boots on the ground” remark made by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama, referring to the possibility of ground troops being deployed in Syria. The insensitive post angered a lot of his followers, prompting hateful replies.

This article shares three common mistakes that small businesses do while using social media. (Image: esalesdata (CC) via Flickr)

This article shares three common mistakes that small businesses do while using social media. (Image: esalesdata (CC) via Flickr)

Publishing posts that invoke strong emotions, or political posts, often lead to people blatantly criticizing and trash-talking your business online.

3. Not interacting enough with other businesses and clients

Sharing or retweeting posts by followers about topics that are valued by the target market is as important as posts regarding the business and the products they sell. Casual conversational tweets and posts that are friendly in nature are also important, especially those from individuals who are big and influential and belong to your industry.

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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