3 Simple Tips on How to Utilize Facebook Advertising

3 Simple Tips on How to Utilize Facebook Advertising

Simple Tips on How to Utilize Facebook Advertising

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With almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a blessing for businesses who want to take a plunge in the world of digital marketing without spending much. I mean, where else can you find such a huge number of audiences lingering at a platform, ready to take your bait.

But it is such a pity that most businesses fail to utilize such a huge opportunity to land success. Some of them don’t even know that Facebook is a thing for their business. And those who know end up losing money on Facebook Ads because they don’t know how to grab audience attention in a pool of so many competitors.


Continuous testing of different demographic ranges, frequent changing of ad copies, and hiring a new team of digital marketers. And when all these things still don’t work, most businesses step out of Facebook’s world, thinking that this world is not for them.

This is not true! Facebook can be a remarkable opportunity to write a success story for everyone. Yes, you heard it right! Unlike your not-so-good experience with Facebook, it can help you embrace success. Check to know more how effective is Facebook marketing. But only if you know how to utilize Facebook advertising right on point.

Here are some simple tips that can help you land your first successful Facebook ad:

1) Hit the Right Audiences

Okay! We said that Facebook has over 2.5 billion monthly users, sure, but you know that all of them can’t be your audience. Among this huge pool, you need to find your niche audiences. Don’t worry; your niche audiences are also countless on Facebook.

Targeting the right audience is essential; otherwise, you might end up burning a hole in your wallet, which you definitely don’t want to do. After all, you can’t sell out a set of cooking utensils to a teenage boy living with his parents. Obviously, you need to find women for that. Make sense – right? Before sitting down to create your first ad, make sure that you have first researched well about your target audiences and how to pitch them.

2) Watch Out Your Offer

You have researched your demographics well – good! You have come with the best ad copy – great! You have also spent a good deal on the promotions – amazing! But what exactly are you offering? Are you splurging your budget and creating an impressive copy just to offer something that your audiences don’t need or can buy from somewhere else at a low price? If your answer is: ‘yes’, then sorry, dude, your Facebook ad can be anywhere but near success. Offer doesn’t always have to be a huge discount, anything that appeals to the emotions right on point can turn out to be a great offer – great enough to make your ad campaign successful. So, before riding on to the bandwagon of Facebook ads, make sure that you have something impressive to offer!

3) Placement Matters a Lot

To understand this point, you need to recall your own Facebook experience. Which Facebook ad attracts you the most? One appearing in your newsfeed or right column ads? You are more likely to engage with an ad when you are using Facebook through mobile or laptop? The answer to these questions can help you understand why your ad placement matters.

Different placements cast different types of impact on your ad campaign. Nothing will work if you choose desktop placement but your target audience is more into mobile phone usage. Similarly, newsfeed ads attract more attention and have a higher click-through rate. But in some cases, right column ads also work. It is better to do research and edit placement setting accordingly.

See? Creating an impressive Facebook ad with a higher CTR (click-through-rate) is not rocket science. With just a few touches and tweaks, you can win the game!

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