3 Proven Ways How Virtual Assistants Can Boost Productivity

Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular among startup owners and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur magazine referred virtual assistants as a startup’s secret weapon.

How can a virtual assistant can boost your productivity?

When your business grows, the workload also increases in the same proportion. This increasing workload sometimes takes too much of time, leaving you with insufficient time to focus on the core business activities. And this is what you cannot afford.

Your core business activities, such as formulating marketing plans, devising marketing campaigns, and planning strategies to check your competitors should never be affected as they are the main growth drivers.

Though you always have the option to hire a full-time employee to delegate tasks, a full-time employee is always a costly affair.

And many times, tasks you want to delegate don’t have a high-value. So hiring a full-time employee will not be a logical decision.

The only way to lower your workload is to delegate low-value tasks to others, and virtual assistants can help you make time for the work that matters.

Here are top-three ways how a virtual assistant can boost your productivity.

Hire someone for Internet research 

Needless to say, the web is the biggest source of information. And you must have been spending a great deal of time in doing research on the Internet to find crucial information so as to offer better products and services.

You can save oodles of time if you hire an internet research virtual assistant, which you will otherwise spend on doing research.

An internet virtual research assistant can gather data online and compile it into spreadsheets or in the format you want. You can assign following tasks to your internet virtual assistant:

  • Making the initial contacts (emailing) with guest blogging site
  • On-page search engine optimization and other general website tasks
  • Link building and general promotion
  • Keyword research and finding targeted leads
  • Searching valuable domains and competitor analysis
  • Finding trending topics and building reports

So next time, don’t waste your time on these low-value tasks and hire an internet research virtual assistant to delegate the tasks. This will allow you to spend the time on high-value tasks.

Social Media Management shouldn’t take your time

The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach some 2.95 billion by 2020. If you don’t have strategies to leverage the power of social media, you will miss out on a vast landscape of immense opportunities.

However, if you start spending time on various social media platforms, it costs you a significant time.

A social media virtual assistant can save you both time and money as hiring a social media expert is like breaking the bank when you don’t have any plan to run huge social media marketing campaigns.

Here is a list of some import tasks that your social media virtual assistant can do:

  • Social media profile updating
  • Posting fresh content on different social channels
  • Engaging your audience
  • Measuring analytics
  • Analyzing your competitors

Don’t wait anymore. Hire a social media virtual assistant and delegate him/her these social media tasks. Doing so will allow you to focus on the core business activities.

Take somebody on board to lower your workload

As a startup owner, there is already too much on your plate. So you should not entangle in tasks that don’t give higher returns. A personal virtual assistant can ease you out of your burden and save you time. And the best thing is virtual assistant cost is very low.

Below-mentioned is a list of tasks you can assign to your personal virtual assistant:

  • Managing contact lists
  • Making travel arrangement
  • Handling clients’ queries
  • Handling billing and accounting
  • Preparing & sending newsletters
  • Sending customers the requested information

As rightly said by Kevin Kruse in his article published in Forbes,

“The one hour a day you spend running to the post office, balancing the checkbook, or booking airline tickets would be better spent calling prospects, learning, or thinking strategically.”

A personal virtual assistant can save you a great deal of time that you can use to plan core business strategies.



Whether it is internet research, social media management, administrative tasks, a virtual assistant can save you oodles of time that you should spend on high-value activities.

Hire a virtual assistant and boost your productivity.

Have you ever hired a virtual assistant? How did he/she increase your productivity?

Do comment, I’d love to hear your thought.

Author: Kaylyn Gabriele

Kaylyn Gabriel is an abroad computer networking school teacher who runs educational programs imparting Networking skills and techniques to aspiring students. Apart from this she is a very good photographer. She likes exploring the wild life of the world. She likes exploring the wild life of the world. You can catch her of Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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