3 New Tips to Boost Facebook Video Performance

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Video is the best-performing content in all social platforms. It can help boost awareness, engagement and sales in your yearend campaign. 

If want to improve your video content, Facebook has provided three new tips to consider in your strategy.

Add a 3-5 second trailer to hold interest

Facebook advises to add a short preview at the start of the clip. This approach is prevalent on YouTube. You grab a key snippet from the video and insert it onto the first few seconds. It gives users a sneak peek on what to expect and if they have enough reason to stick around and discover what happens.

This method improves engagement and viewer retention.

Facebook says you can use Creator Studio analytics to check your retention rate to assess and improve your videos.

“Open up Video Details by clicking on your video in the Content Library of Creator Studio. Look at the Audience Retention curve, and uncheck “only include views over 15 seconds” to see where people are dropping off in the first few seconds of your video. We recommend looking at your retention curves often and aiming to improve your retention over time, as that will help increase your reach on Facebook,” says Facebook.

Frame the story – with a 4:5 aspect ratio

Facebook advises that you must create videos for vertical viewing.

“We live in a world were most people watch videos on mobile just inches from their face and often in vertical orientation rather than turning their phone to landscape. Try framing your visual story and build for vertical format. Editing your videos using a 4:5 aspect ratio may work best for your videos on Facebook,” says Facebook.

The company’s internal research shows that some videos improved performance after switching from 19:9 to 4:5 aspect ratio.

Engage your community – commenting on posts

Facebook’s last tip is to optimize engagement by replying to comments on your videos.

“Joining the conversation in the comments section of your own posts can delight your audience and maximize your reach. Longer comments, like sharing your own perspective on the discussion or answering questions, can spark even more engagement with your content,” says Facebook.

Facebook notes that you can reply to Facebook and Instagram video comments at the Inbox tab in Creator Studio. This makes it easier to manage your activities.


Facebook has also shared five tips for video creation:

facebook video performance

While most of these tips are generic, they may provide points to consider in your approach. 

You can read Facebook’s full set of video tips here.

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