3 Must-Have Tools That Allow You To Work Anywhere with Your Distributed Team

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Virtual collaboration has plenty of advantages. It allows you and your team to stay connected, resolve issues, brainstorm ideas, etc.

There is a vast number of tools online that make it possible for your company to introduce remote working. But you need to equip yourself with the best tools on the market to increase productivity.

With so many tools available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and feel unsure of which ones to choose.

Listed below are online collaboration tools that offer valuable functions for a remote team. The list will highlight each tool’s core functionalities, how it can benefit your team and other essential things that you must know of.

1. Collab.Email


It’s one of the latest reliable available, designed to simplify the collaboration process of your team members and manage email issues easily. It is a browser plugin that connects your team right on your Gmail window.

With Collab.email communicating with your team member is easier and more organized. You share your mails with your team. You can make comments or annotations over your mails. If you need to reply to a comment, you can do so without mailing it back to the commenter. With these benefits, all team members conversations are in one place, organized by mail thread.

All shared emails are synced. There’s no need to forward mails back and forth or struggle to keep in touch with your team members using other collaboration tools. All data in your Collab.email account are stored in secure servers and access is via SSL-encrypted connections, a standard in all connections.

Permalinks is one unique feature of this collaboration tool. For quick access to each shared thread, you can give direct link to all team members. No need for you to waste time searching through mails and mail threads for your project.

Collab.email is built with the intention of increasing your efficiency and your team productivity and save your time by stopping the mail-forwarding hussle. With just one click you share a whole mail thread. Also it is a great transparency tool because it can make important correspondence available to your team.

The tool is so simple, you can use it for all mail related projects. Currently it supports the Chrome browser but the development is rapid and both a firefox and a mobile version are expected soon.

2. Basecamp


It has been around for years and it has remained a reliable service letting you quickly set up your account and go into your project management.

Its intuitive interface makes conversation and file sharing easy. This tool features project timelines and allows you to check in with your team member. You can also assign tasks and upload/download documents.

Because it’s an online collaboration tool, you can access it from virtually anywhere. The reliability and simplicity of its tools make Basecamp a common choice among those remote companies that want to streamline project management processes.

The collaboration service of Basecamp runs on the company’s secure servers. With the use of an Internet connection, you and your team can access your data from anywhere.

One of the biggest advantages of Basecamp over other collaboration tools is its customer service. You can have free weekly classes to get the most out of its platform, for instance.

Since it’s been around for a very long time now, it has become a gold standard within the industry of project management. In addition to its intuitive interface, Basecamp offers all the basic and some advanced sharing and communication functions that you’d want from an online collaboration tool.

Essentially, it lets you manage your projects easily, communicate with your team all the time or when it’s needed and stay on top of the game as you can easily assign task to any of your team members.

With Basecamp, you’ll never be out of touch again, regardless of your location.

3. Dropbox


In every virtual collaboration team, you’ll need a tool that gives you a virtual location where you can safely store all documents that your team needs while it allows everyone in the team to access them, when needed. And Dropbox can give you that solution.

It has a mobile app that lets you automatically back up all photos and videos related to your project. One of the best things about Dropbox is that it offers 1TB online data backup plan that can surely meet the large digital storage needs of your team.

This tool is a huge name when it comes to cloud storage. It’s one of the most popular and frequently used file sharing platforms in the world. Through the years, the company has offered several improvements in terms of actual storage space at an affordable range.

Its control dashboard is intuitive. And it offers incremental backup feature that only updates files that you’ve changed recently. However, continuous backup is also supported. Each change that you made will be available across all synced devices, like tablets and smartphones.

Scheduling of backups is possible but you’ll have to download a third-party app for it.

And if you accidentally delete a file, you’ll have 30 days to recover it before it’s gone forever. You’re also allowed to pull up past version of your documents within 30 days of changes.

Its mobile app is available on almost all mobile operating systems. Sharing is fully enabled in every platform making it easier for others to access the cloud-stored files.

The 1TB storage space provided by Dropbox is only available on Pro account. But it’s a generous amount. It’s more than enough to backup all data that you need for your team.


Regardless of how big or small your team is, these online collaboration services can bring almost everything that you need for your project development into a single space. The space can help you manage all activities and tasks of all team members while you keep track of each progress and control each issue.

Because communication is an integral part in a successful distributed team, each team member must have access to real-time updates about the status of the project. These tools that we’ve mentioned allow you to make comments and details whenever necessary.

These tools can simplify your day-to-day business operations, simulate conversations, etc. Each of them is easy to use so there’s no steep learning curve that you need to worry of.

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