3 easy to learn tech skills with infinite career possibilities

3 easy to learn tech skills with infinite career possibilities

3 easy to learn tech skills with infinite career possibilities

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Some people automatically toss any tech activity to the side, thinking that they’re not tech-savvy enough to do anything. Sometimes even the words “technology” or “computers” can make people give up before they even start.

While yes, there are many challenging aspects to technology and some have a steep learning curve, the truth is that there are many projects or hobbies that you can do today with little skill to no skill or just a bit of research and learning.

Below are three tech projects that are great to do on your own or with friends or family but also have infinite possibilities for a career in the tech industry.


The next time you have a minute, go ahead and press CTRL+U on your web browser. You might recognize this command as being the underline command in Microsoft Word or other writing software, but CTRL+U in a browser is a way to see the HTML code behind the page.

Looking at it in a vacuum, it looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo and nonsense. Letters here, characters there, and numbers scattered throughout make it seem like it’s got more to do with hieroglyphics than anything you might recognize.

Are there complicated parts of coding? Yes, of course! But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the basics. There are tons of free courses and programs out there that will help you learn to code. You don’t need to become a wizard and change careers, but nowadays it’s a great skill to have in your back pocket. In fact, coding is a necessary skill to have in today’s digital era, period!

Like learning a language, it requires dedication and practice every day. Set aside 30 minutes or try and complete one lesson each day. There are often forums that will help you get past the tricky or confusing parts and lots of others will chip in as well.

If you have a child, they can also learn to code with a fun program called Scratch. It’s a great way to teach them about computer safety, coding, and even prepare them for a potential future job.

Making a Website

From the outside, making a website may seem like a tall task that’s well outside your paygrade. But thanks to lots of services and tools, it’s honestly never been easier.

One of the first steps is securing a domain name so you’re not left behind. After that, you’ll be able to create your website exactly how you want it.

Wherever you get your domain from, that service usually has great tools in helping you choose the layout, align text, and upload photos. The learning curve isn’t quite as steep as other exercises, and a lot of it is simply pointing and clicking.

You’ll have to decide what you want your website or blog to be about, so be sure to choose a proper theme. It could be traveling, sports, video games, or whatever.

This is also another great project for those with children. It allows you to not only work on something together, but it’s a great time to teach them about internet safety.

PC Building

It may seem like this task is something only reserved for experts and those who fully understand tech, but many have taken on the challenge and found out that it’s much easier than it seems.

While this task does have a bit of a steeper learning curve than our previous two, there is a huge PC-building community on Reddit and other parts of the web that are more than happy to help you into the PC Master Race.

Watch a few videos and begin learning about the main parts of the computer. To get you started, the main parts are:

  • CPU- the brain of the computer
  • Motherboard-this connects everything together
  • RAM- the memory
  • GPU (optional)- your graphics card, not all computers need one
  • Hard Drive- where you store all your information
  • Power supply
  • Case

You’ll find that physically, you only need to know how to apply some thermal paste and use a screwdriver. At the end of the day, you can sit back and know that you made the very computer you’re using. Plus, it is substantially cheaper than buying a computer at a major electronics retailer. So don’t shy away, give it a try!

Could These Tech Projects Be a Possible Career Path For You?

The three tech projects above are great for practicing on yourself, friends, and family but if there’s a project that you really take an interest in, there is a great demand in the market for all three.

You, of course, have the option of working for a company that offers positions involving all three of these tech areas, but you also have the option to go into business for yourself in these tech areas.

If you opt to go into business for yourself, there are different courses you can take at technical schools or even online to improve your skills but if you indeed are going to start your own coding, website building, or PC building business, you want to make sure you get your business insured with professional liability.

This particular type of insurance is extremely important because it provides you’ll be providing, should a client seek legal action against your business. You may work on a client’s website and remove the wrong feature on accident, and cause that client interruption in business for a week. Because of that, they decide to sue you for business interruption damages.

The point is that while the tech industry is full of career possibilities, you absolutely must protect your tech business because you’re providing services, which means you’re at a higher risk of human error. Nobody’s perfect but by insuring your business with professional liability insurance, you’ll be covered for the mistakes you make.

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