3 cutting edge technologies to boost your asset management

3 cutting edge technologies to boost your asset management

Source – https://www.forbes.com/sites/oracle/2016/06/13/why-independent-software-vendors-are-making-the-leap-to-the-cloud/#6b6ce3edb694

One of the most important factors for maintenance management in any business is making sure that the company assets are kept in the best condition possible so that capital expenditure in purchasing replacement assets can be minimized. However, it has been found that human intervention when it comes to asset management is mostly of a reactionary nature which means a huge chunk of damage is already dealt before the critical asset undergoes repairs.

On the flip side,  (Computerized Maintenance Management System) with advanced Preventive Maintenance Management skills have proved to be exceptional when it comes to scheduling repairs and maintenance sessions so that the life span of assets that are critical to the work flow can be increased and disruption in workflow due to random machinery failure can be kept to a minimum,

But how does a CMMS software manage all of this? And can their accuracy be improved in the coming years? We answer all that and more in today’s piece,

Today, we will talk about 3 emerging technologies each of which has the potential to revolutionize the CMMS industry by itself. Most of them have a direct or indirect aspect which can lead to substantially better asset management which is why we would be looking at these technologies in particular out of the many new innovations that are being incorporated into CMMS software!

1) IoT and Cloud Computing

Internet of Things has been a buzzword in the tech community for a long while but when it comes to maintenance management, these tiny inexpensive sensors with networking capabilities can really help save your business a ton of money. One of the major factors which help in prolonging the life of an asset is managing its workload as well as preventing catastrophic failures that can cause a disruption in the daily workflow.

With real time data monitoring enabled by IoT devices, a CMMS system can now successfully predict and prevent a breakdown from ever happening! All of these IoT devices are connected to a central hub which can process these huge data streams in the blink of an eye all thanks to the power of cloud computing.

2) Mobile CMMS

In most cloud based modern CMMS, the compute heavy portion of the number crunching is done on servers located off site which means the customer can run the software interface even on underpowered client devices. This opens up the gate to Mobile CMMS where the manager can access and change real time stats on the production line right from the convenience of their smartphone. This can also help employees and maintenance staff as they can validate their repair work instantly by accessing the changes in relevant data right from the palm of their hands.

3) QR Codes

QR codes are an innovative way by which CAFM vendors in collaboration with CMMS software are keeping assets safe and sound. Most CMMS systems come with the ability to create an automated for all of the workflow assets that they has been integrated into their inventory. Scanning a QR code is an easy and automated way for the CMMS system to keep up to date on the present maintenance schedule as well as last reported condition of any asset and can thus prove to be a major asset!

While most of these technologies are already being used in some form or the other in modern day CMMS software’s, their proliferation and the extent to which they can be leveraged is only going to grown in the coming years. This means that the future of assets management looks to be pretty bright under the guidance of these new intelligent CMMS software solutions!

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