2013 Social Media Facts for Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has become a vital aspect of a successful businesses marketing strategy or campaign because it provides marketers and advertisers the right channel to connect and engage with existing and potential customers, and it frequently delivers feedback to develop new insights. 

For business blogs and websites, Facebook integration provides a simpler and faster way to gain traction and draw benefits from social media.

With more than one billion users, half of those logging in to their Facebook accounts daily and 23 percent checking at least five times daily, businesses have a massive user base to filter their pool of target audiences.

More than one million websites have taken advantage of the opportunity and integrated with the social network to create Facebook accounts or Pages, and 54 percent of marketers have already made a customer through the website in 2013.

Facebook logins are opportunities for marketers to expose their brand or their clients’ brand through interaction using creative and strategic promotional messages.

Social media not only engages with an existing customer, but it also acquires potential customers.

Facebook frequently and has long been the top player in the social media arena, but do not discount Twitter by any mean, as 36 percent of businesses have gained a customer through the micro-blogging platform.

Marketers who aim to build their portfolio or create business partnerships may only have to focus on LinkedIn when it comes to professional social networking sites, because it has more than 200 million members and a conversion rate of two per second.

LinkedIn is an excellent channel to find, develop, and build business connections, to look for job candidates, and to keep track of what successful businesses do to remain at the top of their field or industry.

Marketers may start their social media marketing campaign through a high-quality landing page on Facebook, since it is by far the leading social network Other social networks may follow after a successful run.

Since a Facebook landing page builds social presence and online branding for the company, marketers have to develop carefully their creative, such as the logos, slogans, and colors.

After designing and publishing the landing page, the company may extend or promote the Facebook campaign to other distribution channels, including enticing the customer email list to visit the Facebook page for a special reward or product offering, and adding notifications through LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social channels.

Take a look at the infographic by Twist Forum below for more information on why you should be using social media for your business.

2013 Social Media Facts for Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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