20 Tips For A Great Facebook Business Page [Infographic & Insights]

With 1.15 billion monthly active users as of end of June, Facebook is fertile ground for businesses to promote their products or services.

That is just not in the U.S. too. According to Facebook, about 80 percent of their daily active users are outside North America (U.S. and Canada).

This is why it is important for businesses to get on Facebook so that they have a presence in the largest social network in the world. Not all businesses may sell something on Facebook but selling is just a part of promotions.

However, some businesses may find it hard to make an outstanding business Page especially if they are just new to the social networking world.

This infographic from Lyubcho.com give us 20 tips to improve our Facebook business Page.

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The first tip is to “Provide enough information about your business”. “Before making anything else, make sure you provide all the important information about your business. This includes: comprehensive description, email, phone number, website, address,” the infographic says. This ensures that people you reach through your facebook page have an easier time contacting you for any question and hopefully, for any purchase.

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Lyubcho’s second tip is to “Choose a suitable cover image”. The cover image is the first thing people will likely notice once they visit your Page’s home page. You know what they say about first impressions, right? Even if you don’t believe in that, it pays to have a great cover image. Furthermore, people have a very short attention span nowadays so choose a cover image that not only makes a great first impression but is also sure to catch attention. Also don’t forget to judge the cover photo you choose based on how much it is suited for your business.

The third tip from the infographic is “Use appropriate profile picture, that stands out”. If the cover photo is the first thing people notice on your page, the profile photo is the second.  “The profile picture is shown in the newsfeed too. Therefore, make sure that your profile picture is easily recognizable,” the infographic says and we cannot agree more. Make sure that people will associate your profile photo with your business. If they do, they do not have to read your name or go to your page to know if a post is from your business.

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Lyubcho alsol reminds us that “Facebook is all about conversation”. We here at Social Barrel have said before that on social networks, you are moderating a community. Cultivate relationships by sparking dialogue between your business and your clients and potential clients.  A great way to do this is to follow the suggestions by the infographic. “Answer as many questions as you can. Chat with your followers in the comments of your posts,” it says. It also makes another great argument for nurturing conversation. “Furthermore you create a feeling that there are ordinary people behind your facebook page, just like your fans,” it says. As we have said before, strive to humanize your social media presence so that people can relate to your company and not see it as a cold corporate entity.

The fourth tip is one way to use the fifth tip that is offered by the infographic. The fifth tip says that you should “Engage your audience”. “It’s not about the number of likes! The number of users that are engaging with your facebook page is the metric that matters,” Lyubcho says. The infographic stresses that likes are a result of engagement and not the other way around. “Strive to maintain a dialogue with the fans. Ask them questions. Post quality content that can get not only likes, but shares too,” the infographic says.

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Furthermore, once you get people engaging with your Page, Facebook naturally ranks your posts higher on these people’s feeds. As we all know, Facebook ranks feeds on what it thinks a person is most interested in. One indication a person is interested in a post is if that person has interacted with the account in the past. Try to look at your feed and you’ll likely notice that feeds near the top of your feed are from friends or pages you have interacted with heavily in the past.

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The sixth tip is “Be visual”. “The overall social media user likes images! According to studies, publications with images are most liked and shared,” Lyubcho says. We’ve just published an article about this which says that images get percent, percent, percent . Simply put, visual content captures the Facebook user’s attention easily.

The seventh tip is “Post diverse content”. When we say visual content is the most effective material for engagement on Facebook, we do not mean that you have to post a photo every time you have something to say, especially if a photo is not really appropriate. As the infographic suggests, post “articles, polls, videos, images and whatever else you can think of.” This ensures that your content on your Facebook business page is still diverse. One of the favorite advises of this writer is to ensure that you give value to your followers to give them a reason to follow you and engage with your content. One way to do that is to keep things interesting and varied.

The next tip is “Stay specific”. What does this mean? “Let’s face it – users don’t like long and boring posts. A huge percent of the users won’t even try to read these posts. Make your publications concise, accurate and clear,” the infographic notes. Another way of saying this is: “If you can say it using fewer words, do so.” Don’t go beating around the bush or else your followers will go to other places on Facebook.

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Lyubcho says in its 9th tip: “Don’t post too much on a single day”. Flooding your followers will result in them getting annoyed at your account, treating your posts as spam, and unliking your page. Do this instead: post the most interesting thing you can each day in a frequency people will not consider as spammy. “According to social media experts, the optimal number of posts on a single day is between 2-4,” the infographic notes.  “Get to know your audience and post content that will grab their attention.” Test the waters and see what frequency of posting gets the highest engagement from followers.

The 10th tip is “Be helpful”. This is one of the things we mean here on Social Barrel when we advise social media managers to ensure they give value to their followers. One value a follower gets from a social media account he or she follows is getting help for a particular thing.  “Users like interesting publications. Show your fans something really cool, or just make them laugh. Post content that makes sense,” Lyubcho says.

While remembering and applying all of the tips above , you would also benefit from following this tip: “Be honest with your audience”. As Lyubcho explains, “Life in social media is just like real life. Users will appreciate when you’re honest and hate you when you lie to them.”  When you lie to your followers, you give them a reason to hate you and unfollow your Facebook business Page.

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Another tip Lyubcho gives us it “Be persistent”. This means that you as a social media manager of a Facebook business page needs to feed your audience with the information they need. Like the infographic says, “Your fans like your page, because they want to know what’s happening with your business.” Past articles here on Social Barrel have mentioned that people prefer to get information like current deals and discounts from social media accounts rather than websites of businesses. Use this information to your advantage.

The infographic also suggests this, “Use reasonable moderation”. Though Facebook is much like our society where everyone is free, you must take care of your Facebook business page and prevent it from being too chaotic. “Delete all the spam, but don’t touch the negative comments,” the infographic suggests. Furthermore, it notes that you should “Try to find the source of this negativism and correct your mistakes. Apologize if needed! This will make your business’ social media account more human.”

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As Facebook always changes, the infographic reminds us to “Stay up to date with Facebook changes”. It says, “Try to adapt to those changes, so you can be relevant to your audience.” Learn of important features the Facebook team is rolling out. For example, learn how to optimize your Facebook business page for the rolling out of Graph search.

One of the things that this author personally dislikes are accounts that are fully automatic. That’s why we here at Social Barrel agree when the infographic says “Don’t automate your Facebook presence”. This goes against trying to humanize your social media presence. “Your fans want to be in contact with your business on Facebook. If they want to read your Twitter updates, they will follow you on Twitter,” Lyubcho says. Remember that you are interacting with a community that is interested enough in you and your page to give it their likes.

The 16th tip the infographic gives is “Write grammatically correct posts”.  This is in keeping with keeping a great image of the company the Facebook business page represents. People like to do business with organizations who take the time to review what they put out on the internet. A grammatically incorrect post gives the impression that an organization is careless.

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The next tip is to “Get to know Facebook Insights”. While interacting with your community on Facebook, it also pays to learn from them and measure in concrete terms how they are affecting your business. Getting to know Facebook Insights also provides you a tool to test what is effective in driving engagement of people with your page. “Study the metrics of your page and make conclusions based on them. Understand which time is best for posting on Facebook, what type of content your fans engage with etc.,” Lyubcho suggests.

The 18th tip on the list is to “Value each like”. This is also another way of saying that you should value each fan and treat them the way you would want be treated if it were the other way around. “Each organic like is really important for your business. Users who engage with your content are the ones that matter most,” the infographic notes. “This will increase your Edge Rank and your publications will reach more people,” it adds.  As your goal is to reach as many people as possible, you should value each like you get because this directly contributes to that goal.

While it may not be an option for some in the immediate future, the infographic suggests, “Use Facebook Ads”. Adds offer a way for Pages to quickly catch up to competition if they haven’t been on Facebook that long. If a Page was a pioneer in the niche it targets, well and good, but ads offer a way to keep the lead too. “Your facebook presence is doomed if you don’t want to spend on advertising. Target the right users and experiment with different ads. Analyze the results,” Lyubcho says. “This will reduce your advertising costs and increase your ads’ efficiency.”

If you are thinking of ads on Facebook, also think about this tip: “Promote your Posts”. As the infographic explains, a post on Facebook does not stay on people’s feeds forever. Ever wonder why some posts from pages you like keep on appearing on your feed? Those are promoted posts. “Promoting your publications is a great way to reach larger number of people,” the infographic notes.


Facebook can be a very effective tool to help you grow your business. Now go and apply the things you learned from the insights inspired by this Lyubcho infographic.


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