1Password to Use Passkeys to Replace Passwords

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Unlocking an Account without a Password

1Password users can soon opt for passwordless logins as the service is going all-in on passkeys this summer. This decision was made after the two tech giants — Apple and Google — announced support for a passkey. 

What are Passkeys? 

They are unique digital keys that can replace passwords. Unlike passwords, passkeys are stored locally on your device. 

Because of how they are stored, they are less prone to theft, if there are data breaches or phishing attempts. They can be integrated with your device’s biometric security. 

The support is built on the same foundation as secret keys.

When you sign in to 1Password, you’ll use one passkey. You’ll use this key in unlocking your vault and accessing your data. 

In a blog post

“Instead of playing whac-a-mole with passwords, why not eliminate that avenue of attack outright? That’s our mission. It’s why we’re at the forefront of passwordless advocacy, and why we’ve committed to adding full support to 1Password for generating, managing, and using passkeys.”

To use this key, you will need to own a device, such as a phone with the app. It requires a second authentication step which involves a biometric scan of your fingerprint or your face. 

In other words, passkeys are easy to use and they are a lot safer than passwords. 

What are the Passkeys’ Advantages? 

They can block phishing attacks. Because of how they work, they don’t work on counterfeit sites. The passkey login can take place on your phone or PC. It means that hackers can’t steal your password data from a cloud service. 

The second authentication step requires a secret key. To access your password on a new device, you need it. If someone steals your master password, it will not be the end of the world. They are better when it comes to security and usability. 

Most of us store and sync passkeys with the use of Apple or password managers. But this will soon change with the passkey support. 

After setting up passkey authentication on your device, you can extend it to another trusted device with the use of QR code technology. 

However, not all sites support passkeys. For now, eBay, PayPal, DocuSign, Microsoft and Robinhood, are just some of the sites that support passkey login. 

Security Concerns

There are security concerns in the use of traditional passwords. And these concerns could push people to adopt this technology. Since passwords can be stolen or compromised in data breaches, passkeys can be the answer to stopping cybercriminals from accessing your private data. 

Biometrics are Not Enough 

Face ID or fingerprint scanners are not sufficient to replace a password. They are secure. But they still rely on passwords. 

Passkeys, on the other hand, are passwordless. They utilize login technology developed by the FIDO Alliance. This technology enables users to replace traditional passwords. 

Because there are no fixed consequences to compromise, they provide better security than passwords. 

Migration to passwordless login will not happen overnight. People will have to adjust. Hence, 1Password makes it optional. But its goal is to go passkey-only login in the future.

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