15 Amazing and Surprising Social Media Stats in 2015

The latest social media statistics by We Are Social, Pew Research Centre, Social Media Examiner (gathered in the infographics by a College Paper) proves us again that we live in fast developing digital world. If you are a marketer chances that your brands don’t need social media activities as part of your inbound marketing strategy are really low.

Consumers became even more social, using several networks for their own purposes, and even more engaged, using mobile social accounts.

According to Social Media Examiner, most marketers are going to strengthen their SMM strategy with focus on 4 networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. Video content as emerging trend is becoming highly important, and marketers are increasing their use of video, too.

However, social media marketing channel has to be further explored in terms of effectiveness and conversions. In example, only 45% of marketers consider their Facebook marketing efforts as effective enough.

Enjoy a glimpse into social media world in 2015 in our infographics! Feel free to comment and give your feedback on how to improve it and which stats to include in the next one!

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Author: Firdaus

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