iMyfone Umate iPhone Memory Cleaner – Review & Giveaway Event

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 iMyFone Umate


Smartphones’ memory tend to gets filled up quite easily with the huge data influx that overwhelms us everyday. On a daily basis, there are multiple instances of downloading and uploading activities on our smartphones that keeps consuming the phone space. And another type of unwanted space that keep accumulating on smartphones is the frequent supporting files left behind by various apps on your phone even after you have uninstalled the app. Now, there are ways to reduce your mobile space by deleting old or unused files from the phone but that could be a cumbersome process if this process is executed manually.

So what do you do remove unwanted files and data from your smartphone? Well, if you are an iPhone owner, there is a good news for you. To remove unwanted data from your iPhone in an efficient way, meaning not removing the junk data manually, there is  great app that does the job for you. Recently, I got a chance to use iMyfone Umate, a tool for both Windows and Mac, that lets you easily clean your iPhone by removing junk files thus helps you save space on your device. Let’s see step by step how Umate works.

Once you download and initiate the Umate app, you will see an option called “Quick Scan” that lets you quickly scan your iPhone for junk files and helps you remove them.

You will see below window once you are done with the scan. You will see how much space you can precisely save for the given component once you delete the indicated files. The data that is suggested to be removed includes junk files, images, apps supporting files, and apps themselves. With a single click, you can get rid of the unwanted files that you wish to remove from your phone.

iMyFone apps


To save you space by allowing you to keep your pictures and compressing them, the compression feature of Umate comes handy. So without compromising with the quality of your pictures, Umate reduces the size of your pictures and hence frees up your phone space.

To use the image compression feature, you just to click on “Compression” in the left panel.

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Many apps that are installed on your iPhone consume data over time and become bigger and bigger. Since we share data including images everyday, a lot of data that we can do away about keeps getting piled up on our phones. iMyfone Umate lets you know the exact size of the apps on your iPhone and allows you to remove any undesired data & files. You can also pick multiple apps or files and remove them in one shot.

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I found Umate to be a great tool to clean up my iPhone. It’s easy to install and simple to use and does what it promises.

You have a great chance to clean up your iPhone for free now using the Giveaway launched by Umate. Check out details below and take advantage of this amazing offer.

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