10 Tips: Make Twitter Work for Your Small Business

Is your small business on Twitter yet? If not, it’s a great idea to create a Twitter account and start tweeting. You can reach many more new customers through social media marketing than just email marketing or other traditional forms of marketing.

But do you know how to get started on Twitter? Do you know how to make the most of your time and budget while effectively engaging your followers and increasing interest in your business? Keeping up with Twitter marketing trends can help you grow your business and form connections with new customers while keeping current customer interested.

1. Stay active!. Having a Twitter feed that is stale and rarely (or never) updated makes your business look like it doesn’t care or is out of date. By tweeting daily, you let your customers know that your business is a going concern and you also keep them updated on your business hours, promotions, events and so on.

2. Use an automated Twitter marketing solution. There are lots of good automated solutions available online, and automation will save you so much time you won’t believe it. Create hundreds of tweets in advance and schedule them to post throughout the week or month so you don’t have to take the time to constantly update your Twitter feed. Just ensure that you’re still checking Twitter regularly so you can respond to messages promptly and pick up on current trending topics.

3. Promote your Twitter presence everywhere. Include a “Follow Us on Twitter” link on your website and in your email newsletters, place social sharing buttons on your email newsletters, blog posts and other resources, advertise that you have special Twitter promotions and contests in your physical business, on billboard ads and magazine ads, on other social media sites where you have an account and so on. This strategy increases your exposure and helps you gain Twitter followers.

4. Don’t spam your Twitter feed with tweets about how great your products and services are. This sort of direct, bold-faced marketing is less popular now than it once was. Studies have shown that providing interesting and educational content to your audience is a much more effective way to keep them interested than simply throwing advertisements at them. It’s ok to tweet about the benefits of a new product or service from time to time, or tweet a picture of a product, but keep it to a minimum in order to keep your followers engaged. Instead, share personal stories, photos of staff, special promotions, jokes and more, and retweet relevant messages from other businesses.

5. Offer fun contests, special promotions and coupons on Twitter. This is one of the best ways to engage your audience. By providing exclusive opportunities that are only available through your Twitter page, you give customers a valuable incentive to follow you and you build customer engagement. Just ensure that you have read and are compliant with Twitter’s term of use regarding contests and promotions.

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6. Interact with your followers. Social media is based on interactions. Try to reply to your customers’ tweets and questions promptly. If you get any negative tweets, don’t show your frustration and don’t ignore them. Respond in a friendly, straightforward manner and show your followers and customers that you will resolve complaints or issues quickly and professionally. If the matter should be dealt with in private, contact the customer directly rather than through a tweet.

7. Set aside time to check out the current trends and industry news on social media so you can join the conversation. Show your customers that you are up to date and connected with other businesses. Use hashtags in order to make your tweets searchable and to contribute to ongoing discussions. Hashtags are especially useful for local businesses.

8. Use images and videos to create more engagement. Visual elements create interest in your followers and are more likely to be shared and retweeted. Post photos and videos of your staff, your events and your office. It’s even better when images make your followers laugh, but be sure not to post anything that could be offensive or unprofessional.

9. Review all your tweets. Ensure that you are reviewing your tweets to see which ones had the most interaction, so you can use this information to make your future tweets even better. Good automated Twitter marketing solutions will report all your results for you, and you should always analyze your data to see which tweets are performing well and which ones did not get much interaction.

10. Keep strong, consistent company branding in your messages and your images. Your profile picture can be your logo, centered and properly sized. Your tweets should have a consistent voice: professional, friendly, casual, whatever you decide. If you have more than one person tweeting, ensure that they tweet in a consistent company voice.

Author: Firdaus

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