10 Reasons For Pinterest Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

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We here at social barrel have been saying for quite some time that if you are still not on Pinterest doing social media marketing, you should be.

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Nonetheless, for those of you who still need more reasons to convince you to get on Pinterest, here are ten reasons why you should do social media marketing on Pinterest.

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The first reason, the infographic shares, is that Pinterest is the third most popular social networking website in the world based on referral traffic and daily active users.

This means that the social network drives a lot of traffic on the Internet and it can greatly increase visits to certain sites. Furthermore, with a high daily active users number, you are sure that there is always an audience for your posts given that you are posting valuable content.

If that is not enough, the second reason is that Pinterest now has 70 million users. You might say that this is relatively very small compared to the likes of Facebook or Twitter but that is a huge potential audience to work on.

The third reason is that approximately 80 percent of these users are women. This is particularly useful to some businesses and organizations who target women the most.

The fourth reason is that Pinterest receives 2.5 billion page views a month. That is massive traffic – traffic which you can take advantage of and direct to your sites and other web properties.

The fifth reason is that almost 80 percent of all Pinterest pins are repins. What does this mean for you? It means the audience in Pinterest really likes to share pins. If you are a content creator who creates great stuff, you are more than likely to get great engagement in terms of repins by other people.

This will lead to more people visiting your site and generally knowing what you want to say. Just make sure you follow the advice we gave in the articles linked above.

The sixth reason is that the average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes per visit. People just love to hang out at Pinterest maybe because it is very visual and really easy to digest. One can get easily lost exploring photos that are interesting to them.

The seventh reason is that the average time spent on Pinterest by a user per month is 98 minutes. That’s over an hour spent just taking in the visual content that is on Pinterest. If you only take just a few minutes of that time and successfully used that to make people aware of what you have to say, that would mean wonders for your business, organization or brand.

The eight reason is that Pinterest is the dominating social channel on iPads with 48.2 percent sharing activity, higher than Facebook (17.1 percent) and Twitter (15.7 percent). As we all know, Apple’s target market is not exactly those who cannot afford to buy stuff they want.

The ninth reason is that there are now about 500,000 Pinterest business accounts. One can take this to mean that Pinterest has value for businesses. Otherwise, why would organizations take the time to use Pinterest for business. If there are half a million Pinterest business accounts, will you allow your organization to be left behind?

The tenth and last reason the infographic offers is that People who shop inside Pinterest through Rich Pins spend $140 – $180 per order. That’s really high compared to other social networks. Facebook is just catching up because of the volume of referral traffic they sent but if one looks at it on a per order basis, Pinterest is winning in this aspect.

Pinterest, social media marketing, infographic,

Infographic from Bloggers Tech.

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