10 Mind blowing Animated Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

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Animation entails the creation of motion illusions and changing shapes by rapidly displaying a sequence of stationary images that don’t differ from one another so much. You can see some of these animations in movies, videos, and TV commercials just to name a few. There are various styles of animations, but all of them keep stop motion as their foundation. Animated illusions can come in either two or three dimensions such as clay figures, puppets, and paper set patterns just to name a few.


Animation plays a critical role in the modern advertisement world. As a brand, you can use the technique to connect with your target audience. The creative use of visual content and animation can take your brand to the next level. However, you will only achieve your goals if you use the right kind of animation to send out your message. This article presents ten mind-blowing animated illusions that you will definitely love.

1. Mechanical Animation

The animator can use this technique to animate machines instead of robotics. You can create mechanical animations instead of developing original machines. It will allow the animator to have a clear understanding of how such machines function. This animation technique makes it quite easy to understand the functionality of machines.

2. Traditional or Classical 2D Animation

In this case, the animator has to make a hand drawing for each frame. This approach is fascinating for anyone who loves the feel of a paper and pencils. You have to put all the drawings, one after another on the frame. Once you create several drawings, the next step is to feed them into plastic cells, paint them by hand and use the painted background image to create the animated sequence. You can later transform these images into computerized animations. A good example is Fantasmogorie which is a short black and white cartoon that was designed by Emile Cohl in 1908. Other historical 2D animations include the Flintstones and Jetsons.

3. Digital 2-Dimension Animations

This process entails the use of digital technologies to create 2-dimension animations. All you need to do is draw frames and not create digital models. It’s easier to use Adobe flash animators in creating 2D digital animations. You can create over 100 2D images using this technology and instantly makesmall variations in color and frames.

4. Digital 3-Dimension Drawing

The advantage of 3D animations is that they transform unreal characters into real ones. These animations are fast to create and are very popular in the movie industry. You can use computer software to create TV commercials, full length movies and even short movies. These animations are highly realistic in comparison to the traditional approach and 2D dimensions.

5. Stop-Motion Animation Illusion

The stop motion animation has been in existence since the invention of puppets. Most people wonder how a piece of stone can talk and walk. The truth of the matter is that animation makes everything possible. You can use the frame by frame animation to move around physical objects that are static. The animator displays the images in a fluid movement during the post production stage.

Some of the movies that result from this technology include the famous “Fun in a Bakery Shop” of 1902. Another stop motion animation film is “Mario Stop Motion Video with Rubik’s Cubes” – A Mind Blowing Creativity. It is a short movie that takes close to one minute but it took the director over 50 hours to create it. Therefore, the process of creating stop-motion animations is involving and requires a lot of expertise. You can view some examples of these animations from the Spiel Creative .

Fun in bakery shop

Image Source: 148apps.com

6. Typography Animation

This technique makes use of letters and font faces to create motions. Therefore, typography in animation simply refers to a combination of text that is in motion. You will find most of it in the title section of any movie. An excellent example of typography animation is “The Atlantic” by Barret Forest. One of the best Software that will assist you to create font faces is the Font lab.

7. Flip Book Animation

Animation was in use even before the invention of computers. You would find an artist with a small flick book or flip book with a series of images inside. These pictures had little variations and you could view a series of images that were in liquid motion as you flip the book rapidly. The primary intention of these pictures was to pass across a particular massage. The same technology is still present only that you can now view the flip book on your computer. Even though this is an old animation technology, the results are very fascinating.

8. Experimental Animation

This art entails a combination of more than one illogical art or paintings to generate an animated scene. In this case, you must introduce various forms of animated paintings that are totally irrelevant to one another at odd points. The paintings that you introduce randomly create an animation frame that is very different. You may find some animators capturing multiple frames and using and using magnifying glasses on paintings to create animations.

9. Chuck Imation

Action League Now”is famously known in the creation of Chuck Imation. In this case, the animator has to combine live shots and stop frame animation and drop the characters in a particular frame. The approach closely resembles the popular puppet shows.

action league now

Image Source: twitter.com

10. Puppetry Animation

In this approach, the animator uses life like puppets in the place of real objects. It presents a fast-stop motion animation that makes use of puppets. This piece of work was an invention by Albert Smith and J. Stuart in their 1908 work dubbed “The Humpty Dumpty Circus.”

The Humpty Dumpty Circus

Image Source: pinterest.com

Currently, the technique is widely used in kid’s films and cartoons. Another example is the 1993 Night Before Christmas harrow film from America by Henry Selick. This fantasy harrow film made use of 400 heads and 227 puppets to express each possible motion. You can use any of these ten mind blowing animated illusions to enhance the visibility of your brand.

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