Zynga Acquires Four Mobile Games Companies

Zynga has expanded with the acquisition of four smaller mobile games companies, the social gaming giant told Reuters on Wednesday.

The move is in line with a push by Zynga to bolster its lineup of mobile games as the smartphone and tablet industry continues to boom, the news organization says.

The news comes from David Ko, chief of Zynga mobile division, Reuters says, who told the news organization that it has acquired Gamedoctors in December.

The other companies Zynga bought are Page44 Studios, HipLogic and Astro Ape Studios, Reuters says.

Zynga has acquired Gamedoctors, Page44, HipLogic, and Astro Ape.

Gamedoctors is the maker of ZombieSmash and is based in Hanover, Germany.

Page44 developed the iOS version of the popular PC game “World of Goo” and is based in San Francisco. It was acquired by Zynga in September.

HipLogic and Astro Ape were both acquired by Zynga in August, the report said.

Currently, Zynga is the biggest games maker for Facebook with four out of the five most used games in Facebook under its belt.


Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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