YouTube Live Streaming And Google+ Hangout On Air Now Open To Verified Accounts

All verified accounts can start streaming live YouTube videos and create Google+ Hangouts on Air. An official blog post from YouTube said that the update is part of Google’s expansion of live video services to the public.

YouTube, the world’s most popular online video-streaming service and a Google-owned company, has yet to release data about the overall adoption rate of the service. But celebrities, prominent global icons, and high-profile events have long been key drivers on using the live platform.

In 2012, the YouTube live video service was in “beta” stage, with a few accounts in categories such as music, gaming, sports, and news provided with the option to stream live events. In August 2013, Google extended the service to accounts with 100 or more followers from the previous limit of 1,000 followers.

YouTube said all verified accounts with good standing are now qualified heedless of the number of followers.

The company said that live streaming for verified accounts will roll out across the world over the next few weeks. And those who want to verify if it’s activated for them can go the Features page, or the Video Manager status will show them if it’s active.

Live streaming of events allows Google to augment and balance its key role as among the world’s largest depository of online videos. And YouTube has an “appointment” viewing feature for live events that shows certain types of advertising prospects. It helps the service be more considered as an alternative to TVs.

Whether or not YouTube’s position will fare well in long-tail content, it will likely not draw plenty of coexisting users.

In contrast, live streaming offers multiple opportunities for local advertising. And it increases Google’s pitch as the go-to marketing store for small- and medium-sized businesses.

The extended service will draw more YouTube users to verify their accounts on the platform. And it means Google will receive more data about how people use the live streaming service and suggest more information to them, particularly advertisements.

Also, the other feature announced late this week will drive more users to Google+. Google+ Hangout On Air for verified accounts allows users to make two-way video broadcasts. Thus, it drives more usage to Google+, Google’s social networking service.

Google product manager Satyajeet Salgar wrote in a blog post that Google+ Hangout On Air offers a simple way to reach fans through live communications and is ideal for inviting people to join a live event or show.

Verified accounts may launch a Google+ Hangout on Air from the YouTube Live events manager.

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