YouTube Pushes the Use of Real Names to Pinpoint Notorious Commenters


YouTube has urged its infamous commenters to provide their full names in their accounts.

BetaBeat, the first to discover the notification, said that users who will comment on or upload a YouTube video will be asked to “start using your full name on YouTube.” It will also ask for permission to post your full name on the video-sharing site via a linked Google+ account if you have one. Users who will decline to provide their full ID are required to choose a valid reason for doing so, such as “My channel name is well-known.”

Last month, YouTube foretold the move to real names when a product lead informed developers at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco that video-sharing site plans to implement several unspecified modifications to its commentary system. Google seems eager to bring good manners and turn YouTube into something more appealing for ads, filmmakers and business owners.


We asked YouTube to comment today on whether more changes are coming but a spokesperson declined.

Associating real names from Google+ to YouTube accounts is simply a small step in the company’s attempt to remove comments from unnamed accounts. These simple steps, however, will be more significant than any improvement on the audio and video contents uploaded to YouTube.


Via: BetaBeat

Image: Thomas van de Weerd via Flickr (CC)