Yahoo! Integrates Broadcast Interactivity Into 2012 Samsung Smart TVs

Yahoo! and Samsung unwrapped on Tuesday, November 5, a multi-year agreement that will see the Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity platform integrate into 2012 models of Samsung Smart TVs.

Running on SoundPrint, Yahoo!’s automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity will deploy into Samsung SyncPlus to open opportunities for smart content discovery, ads and user involvement.

Based on the partnership, owners of Samsung Smart TVs will receive interactive content, which plays along with TV shows and commercials, in real time. Onscreen prompts, when available, will subtly notify TV viewers that additional content is accessible. Samsung Smart TV viewers can use a remote, smartphone or tablet to open the content or offer related to the shows and commercials they are watching.

Yahoo! Integrates Broadcast Interactivity Into 2012 Samsung Smart TVs

The deal allows TV programming partners to provide additional content such as insights, interactive gaming, commerce or trivia to maintain user involvement. The initial TV programming partners include the Showtime Networks and the National Geographic Channel.

The partnership also creates new forms of advertising by transforming conventional 30-second commercials into immediate actions. Broadcast interactivity commercials allow advertisers to attach calls to action (CTA) for downloading digital content, offering coupons, ordering samples, reading reviews or viewing product information.

“By combining watching TV with engaging content, we can change the way audiences are entertained and informed,” said Ron Jacoby, vice president of Connected TV at Yahoo!. “We are thrilled that our expanded partnership with Samsung extends our platform’s footprint, enabling our content partners and advertisers to reach many more consumers. Content owners can augment their programming, and advertisers can create compelling calls-to-action that allow audiences to engage on marketing messages the moment they are delivered.”

“Today, consumers are engaging in interactive TV program experiences more and more,” said Eric Anderson, vice president of content and product solutions at Samsung Electronics America, Inc. “Samsung’s SyncPlus service combined with Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity and SoundPrint will provide consumers with a very entertaining experience. We are very pleased to partner with Yahoo! and we look forward to a successful collaboration in the years to come.”

Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity draws from the company’s patented SoundPrint technology, which allows real-time recognition of live or recorded, cable, broadcast and satellite television through audio fingerprinting.

“Combining SoundPrint with Yahoo!’s Connected TV platform creates a full suite of capabilities for audiences, broadcasters and advertisers,” says Yahoo! in a statement.

Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity and Samsung SyncPlus will arrive with the latest firmware update to 2012 Samsung Smart TVs in the US.

Yahoo! said Broadcast Interactivity will also integrate into future models of Samsung TVs.


Image: Vernon Chan, via Flickr (CC)


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