Worst Ice Cream Ads Ever? Chilling Videos Promote Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Ice cream has never been this horrifying until these Little Baby’s Ice Cream ads.

The Philadelphia-based shop which offers premium ice cream has just released a video, titled Little Baby’s Ice Cream – “This is a Special Time”, with all the makings of a viral video of the creepy kind.

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That’s not exactly what comes to mind for a video ad that promotes food. Furthermore, creeping out is not exactly the feeling you would want to evoke with ads promoting your business. However, this video does just that.

In the video, a person is shown covered in what appears to be white ice cream. What’s uncanny about the video is that the person goes on to eat itself all the while holding a chilling stare straight into the camera as an equally chilling voice-over tries to promote the shop.

As the person eats with a spoon from its head, the voice-over says.

“There’s good reason for my glistening skin. And how I shine. And how my pores are so clean, clear. I eat Little Baby’s Ice Cream. It keeps me young. It keeps me light on my feet. I spring from activity to activity. I love my job. I love my life. When you eat Little Baby’s Ice Cream, you’ll wink and nod and hug and high five each other with great enthusiasm. This is a Special Time.  Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Ice cream is a feeling.”

If this video was created to generate a lot of buzz, Little Baby’s Ice Cream may actually succeed. However, we are very doubtful the shop will entice customers with this.

Meanwhile, the Little Baby’s Ice Cream – “This is a Special Time” video is actually a follow up to another video similarly bizarre that the shop released in May.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Ice cream is a feeling, advertising, marketing, worst ad, ice cream,

In that video, the same ice cream-covered person is featured staring hungrily at an ice cream cone which contains – hold your breath – what appears to be a smaller version of it.

That person is then shown to also be in an ice cream cone that another larger version of it is staring hungrily at. The ad ends with a tongue about to touch the person’s head.

Clearly, this “mascot” has cannibalistic tendencies.

The same voice also did the voice-over for that video titled Little Baby’s Ice Cream — Love Lickers. In it, he says:

“Go ahead and lick something. We lick you very much. If you want to lick something, lick us. We love to lick. We lick to love. We’re love lickers. Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Ice cream is a feeling.”

Both Little Baby’s Ice Cream ads, which were credited to “Video by Doug Garth Williams / Voice by Matthias Bossi / Music by Jon Guez”, end with the tagline “Ice cream is a feeling” which we’re doubtful was a pleasant feeling for its potential customers.


Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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