World’s Youngest Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

The age of the average entrepreneur has been steadily increasing over the last few years. However, there are some people who have been able to establish themselves as entrepreneurs before the age of 30. Hayla Barna and Katie Beaucamp are two of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world. Barna is 27 and Beaucamp is 28. Birch Box is a website that charges people $10 per month to get four to five samples of cosmetic products.

It is estimated that Birch Box has made over seven million dollars since it was first established in 2010. There are currently about 45,000 users.

Matt Mickiewiez is a 27 year old entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of 99 Designs, which is a website that designs t-shirts, flyers, postcards and webpages for businesses. The company has 27 employees. Eighty percent of this company’s business comes from word of mouth. Additionally, there are 100,000 graphic designers listed on this website.



Author: Aaron Elliott

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