Windows Blue, Could be Launched Next Summer

The rumor that Microsoft will abandon the current program for a faster pace software development is not news, Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet and Paul Turrott from WinSuperSite circulated this rumor since August this year. According to them, Windows 8 is set to become the latest Microsoft operating system that respects the traditional period of 2.5 to 3 years between major releases, the future versions will be small-scale updates with smaller sets of updates but also with a more affordable price.



According to anonymous sources within the company, the project Windows Blue is real and will materialize somewhere in the middle of next year, which will affect both desktop operating system and the Windows Phone platform. The circulated rumor now by The Verge is actually the third in the last six months, after the aforementioned and hint that Microsoft Service Pack updates will be available in a new form.

A faster development pace which brings major updates in smaller time intervals is not new, this model is adopted for a long time by Apple or Linux distribution developers. Windows Blue will be offered as an update to the recently released Windows 8, Microsoft will apparently keep the name of the latter, and its cost will be modest or even zero.

After that, updates will come in the way described above, probably within a year or even more often, Microsoft intends thereby to facilitate upgrading to the latest version of its platform, thus ensuring that it holds a less fragmented market than today.


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