Windows 8 not Likely to be Adopted Early by Most Companies, Research Results Reveal

Research and analysis company Forrester Research reveals that a meager 33% of companies who responded to their new survey have plans to shift to Windows 8, Microsoft’s new Operating System, despite promises of the new OS having a fresher-looking Metro interface.

10% of the respondents have no intention at all to upgrade, and the remaining 40% of the survey respondents stated that they have no plans of upgrading to Windows 8 yet.

The percentage decline is massive, in comparison with companies that intended to shift to Windows 7 when it launched in 2009, wherein two-thirds, or 67% of the companies that participated in a similar survey intends to shift to the then-latest Windows 7, with 28% either not considering the update or are totally skipping it.

Only a few businesses would like to shift to Windows 8 in their workplace according to a survey done by Forrester research. (Image: via

According to The Wall Street Journal, there is a possible cause on why companies are not doing the shift to Windows 8 apart from the changes in the interface. According to them, it is because these companies have already allotted millions for their upgrade to Windows 7, and a quick shift to Windows 8, from a financial viewpoint, does not make any sense.

This staggering decline, however, is no guarantee that Windows 8 would not be popular. This only implies that the company is catering more to the consumer group than the enterprise and business market.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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