Windows 8 is more Successful than Windows 7, According to Microsoft

Microsoft has released the first statistical information about Windows 8, which showed good sales figures, which reflects that the adoption rate has been even faster than Windows 7.

According to information provided by Tami Reller, financial chief and marketing division leading at Windows, the latest operating system for tablet PC and has sold over 4 million copies in the first days of its release, and after a month came already at the threshold of 40 million licenses.


According to Microsoft, Windows 8 already exceeded Windows 7 from the point of the upgrade rate. However, other reports suggest that sales of new PCs equipped with Windows 8 are still far below initial estimates made by Microsoft, so the biggest sales can not be recorded here. Even with this handicap, promotions offered to those willing to upgrade to Windows 8 counts for boosting sales, especially as the prices offered are attractive.

However, I can not help but wonder if Microsoft has cheated to obtain these statistics, continuing unhindered an upgrade campaign at least questionable as a pretext offers a free upgrade to Windows 8 Media Center Edition, the software giant left a loophole for illegal activation of pirated Windows 8 editions, adding to the final countdown the free licenses sent by email.

For comparison, Windows 7 license sales reached 60 million copies within two months of release, given a very warm receptions from the public and press. Aside from the resounding success that Windows 8 seems to enjoy by supporting upgrade campaigns, Windows RT seems to be a real shame for Microsoft, as the company refused any discussion on statistics and sales figures for the recently launched Windows RT Surface tablets.


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