WikiLeaks App Banished on iTunes, WikiLeaks-Friendly Apps Alive on Android

Apparently, two of the biggest companies dealing with technology today have different stances on WikiLeaks as the Wikileaks app is banned on Apple Inc.’s iTunes app store while more than six WikiLeaks-friendly apps are kept alive on Google Inc.’s Android app store.


jorge dragón / CC

The case, as most analysts are saying, demonstrate key differences between the Apple and Google platforms.

Widespread belief has any Apple-developed consumer electronic product or software as always closed systems while Google products tend to be more open systems.

Apple took down the WikiLeaks app from the iTunes app store, according to a spokeswoman, since it might have violated United States laws and put into harms way the lives of individual.

In stark contrast, more than six WikiLeaks-friendly apps are still up and can be downloaded by users of Android-powered devices from the Android app store.

Reuters report that among these apps which are still on the Android app store, one provides direct access to users to WikiLeaks-released cables. Another is reported by Reuters to give alerts to users if a new batch of release comes form WikiLeaks.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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