Which of the Social Network Provides the Greatest ROI on Social Media Marketing Efforts? [infographic]

According to a recent study of social media marketing ROI, apparently the number of Google followers accounts for the most significant increase in Google page ranking. Not surprising is that Google predictably weights their social network in terms effect on page ranking higher than other networks, namely Facebook and Twitter.

The study found, with a sample of five test websites, with one control website, that the most effective social media signals were Google followers and Google 1 votes for the target website. Google-related factors accounted for the most significant increases in target sites’ page rank.

For SEO marketing agencies, the findings are useful when determining where to best market client sites. Google is clearly positioned as the social network with the greatest impact on Google page ranking. However, Facebook and Twitter are also important for social media marketing. Facebook promotions in the form of shares and “likes” moved page rank up and average of 6.9 positions. One interesting finding was that the number of Twitter followers actually has a negative impact on page rank. Having 1000 Twitter followers cause the page to lose an average of 1.22 positions. With no social media promotion at all, the control site increased rank by 0.11 positions.



Infographic designed and presented by Tasty Placement, an internet marketing company in Austin, TX.

Author: Aaron Elliott

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