What to Do with Your Old Content to Boost Content Marketing Campaign?

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What to Do with Your Old Content to Boost Content Marketing Campaign?

Content audit is part of a content marketing campaign of most successful website owners. Auditing your site will help you become more aware of the topics you already have and the content you already covered.

Thus, content marketers do encourage auditing your site.

But how? The first thing that you do is to deal with expired content.

What is it? An expired content can be your obsolete product pages or old sale pages. It is basically the pages in your archives that you have forgotten of but they desperately need your attention.

Auditing your content can take hours of your time. But it’s all worth it considering the many benefits you can obtain from it.

Benefits of Fixing Old Content

  1. Fresh. This is the main benefit of content auditing. It maintains the freshness of your site. Despite the old information that you have, it can still communicate with your audience and the search engines. And if they see expired information, they would have an impression that your site is stale.
  2. Light. It makes your site lighter. Although having more pages on your site can widen the reach of your search engine traffic. But it requires more bandwidth in crawling your site. However, it’s not ideal to allow search engine bots to crawl your pages that lack unique content and value.
  3. User Experience. This is pretty obvious. As you update your expired content, your visitors’ user experience will be enhanced as they no longer have to stumble across inaccurate details, thereby, avoiding wasting their time.

Possible Ways to Fix Old, Expired Content

fix, old content

What to Do with Your Old Content to Boost Content Marketing Campaign?

1. Redirecting

It’s one of the most sophisticated options that you can have. However, you should do it properly. The first thing you should remember when redirecting expired content is to avoid redirecting it to your site’s home page.

It doesn’t only make Google hate you but it’ll also drive your visitors nuts. Bear in mind that the goal of this strategy is to direct the expired content to another similar page.

Redirecting or 301 also preservers the link juice you’re getting.

Despite the benefits of redirecting, this trick is labor intensive. It can consume a lot of your time.

2. Improving

This is the best approach but the hardest strategy to make.

When you need to improve your expired content, you have to look at it very closely and find out how you can still make it better.

One of the things that you can do is to make the page’s information more accurate.

If there’s an overlapping in your content between two pieces, consolidate it.

The main goal here is to update or rewrite an outdated event or archaic product page to make it more accurate.

3. Leaving

This is ideal if the information is still accurate. You can just leave it alone.

It’s especially true if the content receives a lot of inbound links or it continues to drive your site traffic. If it is so, then it’s worth keeping.

Unfortunately, it can ruin user experience which may result in bounces.

If it can’t be fixed through redirecting or improving the content, it might be best for you to leave it alone.

Is It Advisable to Delete Expired Content?

For most marketers, they do not advise deleting an expired content. It’s a horrible idea.

As to why?

  • Wastes incoming links
  • Annoys Google and other search engines
  • Irritates users

Even if you have the hippest, coolest 404 page, it still ruins the user experience.

Bear in mind that 404 pages are created to inform people that they mistyped a URL of a certain page.

Experts don’t recommend using this strategy in dealing with expired content. But they do recommend implementing some off-page SEO techniques.

What to do with Past Events?

If you are holding the same event as last year, it might be best to simply update the page.


  • Maintains the URL popularity
  • Allows it to grow in authority
  • Avoids losing traffic

Instead, you should only rework its content by making a new introduction, adding a list of new speakers and inserting venue description.

But don’t delete the previous information.

You may create a new page and take some of the pieces of information from the old page. Then, create an archive or link to your past events. In this way, your visitors can go back and look at the prior events’ information.

When the one-time event is over, redirect it to a content that’s almost similar to that page. Or you can just announce that the event is over and provide your users a link to other similar pages.

Or you can post photos of that event to give your readers some clues on what happened in the past events.

How About Obsolete Products?

If you have discontinued services, then they’d become obsolete. To avoid ruining your content marketing, it’s best to redirect your users to a near-identical product or service that you have.

Or, you can just update the old page. Then, don’t forget to explain why the product is out-of-date or tell them what happened to the old product that you once have.

This content marketing strategy also works with a closed registration or out-of-stock products. Expired job listing can also take advantage of simply updating the page and explaining what happened to old listing.

When redirecting is your better option, it allows your visitors to continue searching on your site for various, different options. It also makes them stay on your site for a longer period of time.

How to Deal with Repetitive Content?

In the past, you may have tackled one topic in different approaches. They may not look familiar or the same but they may not provide real value to your visitors. Although they are not duplicated, they are not derivative either.

Can you just merge the past posts?

It would be best to simply keep the most popular post and redirect the other contents to it.


All of these strategies will make your site well-groomed. By making it lean, you will earn the respect of your visitors. Not only that. Search engines will love it, allowing your content marketing campaign to succeed.

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