What Is A Smart Home?

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What Does A Smart Home Do?

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Do you always go back to your house just to verify whether or not you’ve turned off the lights, unplug everything or switched the water off?

If you do, then you might want to think about having a smart home.

Having a smart home allows you to monitor your home even if you’re far away from it, like when you’re traveling outside your state or abroad. With the cameras installed in your house and connected to your phone, you can look at your pets anytime.

A smart home is defined as a house that uses a communication network to connect appliances so they can be controlled, accessed and monitored remotely. You can access and manage them through smartphone apps.

What are the benefits of having a smart home?

This technology allows you to control, monitor and see the inside of your house even when you’re not physically there. It’s vital if you frequently travel. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, you can see what’s going on in your house.

It’s beneficial if you have puppies at home and you want to know whether or not they behave themselves. By installing a home camera, you can check in on them anytime you want.

If you have a new babysitter, you can also monitor how she treats your child while you’re not around. You can tell whether she’s trustworthy or not.

Another great thing about having a smart home is that it can help in lowering your utility bills. Because you can monitor your water and electricity, as well as heating bills, you can prevent a massive bill causing chaos to your monthly budget.

Smart homes aren’t just for monitoring new babysitters, pets, and bills but they can also protect the most vulnerable people in the society.

If you have an elderly person, like your father or grandfather, living in your house, you can install a smart device that can alert you if he fails to take his pills. It can also warn you if he falls over or behaves abnormally.

This technology can also identify health problems and notifies you about them so you can step in or call for support. If it detects a crisis, an ambulance will be contacted.

In this case, the devices will operate in the background while collecting details. You can install some sensors to monitor a person’s movements in the home. A GPS tracker can be worn by an elderly, and you’ll be alerted if he’s wandering too far from his home.

How can you create your house to be a smart home?

To make your home a smart home, you’ll need to install a network that lets you connect to devices and appliances. It’s also possible to purchase individual products and link them to your smartphone.

One of the trendy smart home devices available is a voice assistant. It’s like your personal helper. The only difference is that it lives on your phone, speaker, and internet-connected devices. Two of the most popular home speakers are Amazon Echo and Google Home. And if you’re an Apple enthusiast, you can wait for Apple HomePod’s release.

Apart from a smart home speaker, you can also install a smart thermostat. It turns on the heating system of your house before you come in for a winter day.

Are smart homes expensive? Are they rare?

Some of you may think that creating a home automation can be expensive and rare. But it’s not entirely true. Although it can become costly to build it from the ground up, it can be done on the budget. There are a number of home devices that you can use to turn your entire home into a smart one.

Let’s take a look at some of the devices that you can choose from.

What Does A Smart Home Do?

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Smart thermostat

It’s one of the devices you must consider when upgrading your home into a smart one. A smart thermostat will automatically turn your home’s heating system before you got home from a freezing day. You can set the temperature in your house via your smartphone as you drive back home. Once you arrive, you’ll have the ideal temperature.

One of the best smart thermostats is Nest. It’s a self-programmable thermostat that learns your temperature preferences. It also determines the times when you’re at home or away. Installing it is also easy. Once installed, it can start learning your habits based on the temperatures you choose.

After knowing your temperature preferences, you can stop touching it as it’ll automatically increase the temp when waking up and decreasing it during bedtime. It adjusts automatically. Of course, you can control it when you’re away. It’ll set itself to help you lower your utility bills.

Another smart thermostat you can try is Honeywell’s Wi-Fi. It’s flexible, and you can set it up easily. You can schedule a seven-day program by answering a few questions. But you can tweak it anytime. Just like Nest, you can control it through a mobile app.

What Does A Smart Home Do?

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Smart locks

Your house must make you feel safe. But it takes money and effort to ensure that your home is protected from break-ins.

With the use of smart locks, your home’s security increases. These locks allow you to allow some people to enter your house temporarily.

You can also monitor who is using the door throughout the day. These locks let you lock or unlock doors with a voice command or by pressing a button.

Are you wondering what kind of smart lock to use? August is one of the most popular options on the market. August Smart is easy to install with top-notch performance. It integrates with Siri using the HomeKit software, and it also works with Nest platform.

Apart from smart locks, you can also install video doorbells, so you know who’s at your doorstep and see it using your smartphone or tablet.

And August Doorbell is one of the options you can try. Fortune Magazine dubbed it as the best doorbell. It offers video recording and motion sensing options.

Although it needs intensive installation and requires brackets to be mounted, it’s still a worthwhile effort as it adds security to your home.

Then, you can add smart smoke detectors. Regular smoke detectors can only be effective when you’re at home.

But with smart smoke detectors, you’ll receive notification wherever you are. One of the options is OneLink. Its hardware is solid and responsive. It’s also easy to set up. Installing it is like installing a hard-wired smoke alarm.

What Does A Smart Home Do?

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Smart plugs

They’re considered as the fastest way to make your home smart. With one smart plug, you can control your lamp, for instance, via a smartphone by simply connecting the lamp to a smart plug and to a smart switch.

WeMo Switch from Belkin is a great option for a smart power plug. It’s a popular smart home device as it promotes low-risk home automatization. You can remotely control and program it. It has IFTT support. Plus, it can track energy consumption of the gadgets you plug into it.

What Does A Smart Home Do?

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Smart lights

Having smart lights at home offers tons of benefits. You can set them up when they’ll turn on and off. You can also control the lighting remotely.

But the most important benefit is that they can help in lowering your energy consumption, leading to decreasing energy bills. Smart lights are LED lights. They are only switched on when needed.

One of the best smart lights is the Philips Hue light bulb. It’s easy to set up, and it’s one of the most reliable bulbs on the market.

The best thing about it that it’s versatile enough that you can opt for color-changing bulbs or simple white bulbs. Regardless of what option you choose, all Philips Hue Bulbs can be dimmed.

You can also control them with the Hue app so you can turn them on when needed even remotely. With 800 lumens, they’re enough to light up small to medium-sized rooms. However, if you have a large room, you could choose to install multiple bulbs.

Amazon Echo

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Echo-Bluetooth-Speaker-with-WiFi-Alexa/dp/B00X4WHP5E

Smart speakers

They can play music or listen to your commands. Smart speakers can order you an Uber and tell you the latest news. What’s more is that they can adjust their volume while you’re moving from one room to another.

Currently, Amazon Echo and Google Home are the most popular options. Amazon Echo is the pioneer in this category. It has more time to improve than Google’s Home. It also has more experience over unreleased Apple HomePod. Amazon Echo has a decent audio performance with great developer support.

It supports other smart home devices, like Nest and Honeywell Smart thermostats and Philips Hue smart light bulbs.  Plus, you can sync up to services of Amazon, such as Amazon Music Unlimited and you can connect it to your Google Calendar.

Smart home devices will make your home smarter than it was before. With these tools, you can get ahead of the game. Sooner or later, smart homes will be the new norm. That’s why don’t miss your chance to be one of those homeowners who embraced them first.

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