Yahoo Unveils A New Flickr After Tumblr Acquisition

Amid the hype surrounding Yahoo’s imminent acquisition of Tumblr, the search engine company announced a new desktop and Android user interface for Flickr, its image hosting and video hosting website. It unveiled the new Flickr in front of the New York press Monday, as it attempts to reinvigorate the brand.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that the move will provide one terabyte of storage to Flickr, so users may take all the pictures they want, upload it to the site, and baffle why …

Marketers Will See Tumblr The Way They See Facebook And Twitter

Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr will lead to more advertising on the blogging platform and allow it to compete with Facebook and Twitter, the way advertisers see it, said Fred Wilson, an early investor of

Yahoo Mail, Vulnerable to an XSS Attack Available on the Black Market

Selling security breaches is an area that has greatly increased in the last two – three years, this new commodity market is putting face to face sellers, that can range from simple hackers to specialized companies, and buyers, whose spectrum ranges from national security agencies or corporations from cyber criminal networks.
Some security breaches remain unknown to most of us, these services being bought for a fortune to develop some form of targeted attack, but others can affect us …

Yahoo Charged With $2.7 Billion Over Alleged Breach of Contract

Yahoo reported today that a federal civil court in Mexico City has passed an initial judgment of $2.7 billion USD against it over alleged breach of contract leading to lost profits.
The online search pioneer and one-time leader said it received a non-final verdict from the 49th Civil Court of the Federal District of Mexico City.
Worldwide Directories and Ideas Interactivas had filed a lawsuit against Yahoo for alleged claims of breach of contract, breach of promise, and lost profits from …

Yahoo! Integrates Broadcast Interactivity Into 2012 Samsung Smart TVs

Yahoo! and Samsung unwrapped on Tuesday, November 5, a multi-year agreement that will see the Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity platform integrate into 2012 models of Samsung Smart TVs.
Running on SoundPrint, Yahoo!’s automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity will deploy into Samsung SyncPlus to open opportunities for smart content discovery, ads and user involvement.
Based on the partnership, owners of Samsung Smart TVs will receive interactive content, …

Yahoo Closes Shop In South Korea By Year’s End

Yahoo will be closing up shop and completely exiting the South Korean market as the year ends.
According to Yahoo, the move is part of its effort to streamline its operations and focus more on its global business.
The move comes part of new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s plans for the ailing internet company which has seen its lead taken by Google.
A former Google vice president, Mayer is bent on reshaping the company to regain its former glory. Part of her plan is to add key personnel to her team …

Yahoo Names Ex-Googler As New COO

Yahoo has announced that Henrique de Castro will be its new chief operating officer (COO).
Reporting directly to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, de Castro will head the strategic and operational management of Yahoo!’s sales, operations, media and business development worldwide.
De Castro brings over 20 years’ experience of leadership in operations, strategy, partner management and revenue generation for several leading brands worldwide.
“Henrique is an incredibly accomplished and …

Marissa Mayer Will Earn At Least $1Mn Annually As Yahoo CEO

Marissa Mayer will earn a basic annual salary of $1 million USD as the latest CEO of Yahoo.
An SEC filing by the one-time search leader has revealed that Mayer, a former exec and the first female software engineer of Google, will receive one million dollars plus bonuses. Her compensation might even total to more than $10 million if she will pull off a somewhat insurmountable feat to turn Yahoo’s downward spiral around.
On Tuesday, Yahoo chose Mayer from a shortlist of several capable …

Yahoo Chooses Former Google Exec Marissa Mayer As Its New CEO

Google VP of Location and Local Services Marissa Mayer has resigned as one of the search giant’s top execs to be the next CEO of Yahoo, making her one of the most eminent women corporate America and IT center Silicon Valley has ever seen.
Yahoo, the one-time leader in web search, chose Mayer, 37, from a shortlist of prominent candidates in an effort to bring life to its struggling business. Mayer had become one of the faces of Google during its press conferences and keynotes, and accounted …

Yahoo, Facebook Patch Up Patent Dispute

Yahoo and Facebook reported on Friday that they have finally resolved a high profile patent disagreement through a deal, which analysts thought would possibly benefit both sides.
The dispute, involving a patent infringement of Yahoo against Facebook for technologies related to social networking, advertising, privacy, site customization and communications, have finally been resolved. Both firms revealed in a joint statement that they have signed a cross-licensing agreement allowing access to …