SEO is Hyped: What You Should Do to Avoid Being Google Dependent

Being dependent is the worst thing to happen to anyone. That applies to businesses too. Imagine the nightmare of working with just one client, one vendor, or one customer? How would you possibly run a business with just one employee, if you have a growing

The Key Roles Of Social Media In SEO

The Key Roles Of Social Media In SEO

In the early days of online marketing, old search engine optimization (SEO) strategies focused on the most significant factor during that time: link Reveals Its Top Trending Search Terms and Questions of 2013 Reveals Its Top Trending Search Terms and Questions of 2013 has released its top search terms and questions for 2013, mostly connected to names and events related to popular personalities and

What Google’s Hummingbird Means for Your Business

Google’s newest search algorithm, Hummingbird, represents the biggest revision in the way the search giant operates since 2001. That’s daunting news for businesses that have been working hard to rank well in Google’s listings over the past few years. Naturally, companies that operate major online marketing campaigns are left wondering what sort of changes they’ll need to implement in order to stay

Free SEO Tools To Audit Your Website

Being an SEO, evaluating your website is one of the most important things that you have to do. You have to keep a check on what is happening on your website and what changes does your SEO strategy brings on the table. There are a lot of tools to check the changes. Here are some tools you can use to keep a check of your website and help you know if you’re going to the right direction or

The Biggest and Baddest SEO Mistakes Every Marketer Must Avoid

If you have an online business, it is a must that you do everything you can to stay ahead of the competition and generate a profit. Unfortunately, bad SEO practices can harm a website’s ranking and turn away customers. Fortunately, to keep out of the trap, here are 5 of the biggest and baddest SEO mistakes every marketer must avoid:
1. Failing to get more exposure.
If you do not have a domain or adequate internal and outbound links, you will not be noticed by Google’s web crawlers. …

Zeitgeist 2012 – Top Google Search Terms For This Year

Image: uggboy via Flickr (CC)

Google has announced its Zeitgeist 2012 list of most popular search terms as seen through 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages worldwide on Google Search over the past year.
This year’s world list, Google’s 12th annual year-end zeitgeist, followed the hottest trends and most popular search terms across the globe.
Google, the world’s largest online search company, had exactly 838 lists from 55 countries in a year when it included several new features, such as its interactive map for the …

Microsoft Claims Google Swindles Shoppers in Search Results

Microsoft has warned consumers about risks in Google Shopping’s alleged ‘pay-to-rank’ practice and highlighted its commitment to deliver reliable search results on its Bing search engine.
The software giant claims that Google’s shopping search results are ranked according to the highest payer and thus are dishonest and unreliable.
“Instead of showing you the most relevant shopping search results for the latest coffee maker you’re looking to buy mom, Google’s new redesigned …

Google Chrome 23 Brings Optimized Video Acceleration and Do not Track

With the usual regularity, Google has released the Chrome 23 browser version, bringing improvements to the interface and optimizing hardware acceleration on graphic processors.

If the performance is virtually identical to the previous version, Chrome 23 promises an autonomy improvement in self-portable Windows systems using hardware decoding by about 25 percent compared to conventional CPU decoding.
Also the Omnibox address bar received a small update, the Site Information icon received a …

Microsoft’s ‘Bing It On’ Contest Pits Bing Search Against Google Search

Microsoft has launched a contest to help demonstrate how its Bing Search will fare against main rival Google Search.
The software giant is calling for people to test both online search engines in a side-by-side comparison with such confidence that its Bing service will emerge victorious.
A blog post from Mike Nichols, Corporate VP and Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft Bing, says Bing Bing regularly outperforms Google in web search results quality based on its tests.
“Since relevancy …