Bing Elections Website Offers Aggregate News For U.S. Election 2012

As the U.S. draws close to a heated political season, Bing launched on Tuesday a new election experience at Bing Elections focuses on people who want a full view into Election 2012. It includes the latest news from all – Obama, Romney, neutral – perspectives, updated national, state and local polls, analysis of conversations across social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, a tracker to find polling sites closest to the voters, and real-time Election Day …

Google Tops March 2012 U.S. Search Engine Ranking

Google Sites have garnered the top spots to lead in comScore’s monthly analysis of the U.S. search marketplace for the month of March at 66.4 percent of search queries conducted.
The qSearch analysis of the U.S. explicit core search market in March released three days ago by the leading source of digital business analytics comScore, accounted Google Sites to be on the lead with 66.4 percent market share, followed by Microsoft Sites with 15.3 percent while Yahoo! Sites settled for 13.7 …

Regulators Put Heat On Apple And Google Due To Search Deal

The interest of U.S. regulators has been piqued by the search deal the companies Apple and Google have agreed on, a new report says.
As a result, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has issued a subpoena to Apple in connection to the ongoing antitrust investigation on Google.
The information comes from Bloomberg which cites two unnamed people who have knowledge on the subpoena as the sources for their report.
The point being questioned by the FTC is in connection to Google being the default …

Micosoft First to Put Ad on Facebook Logout Page

Microsoft, which was an early investor in Facebook and sold banner ads  on the site between 2007 and 2010, became the first company to put its own ad on Facebook’s logout page, with a large Bing page appearing when some users logout.
The new advertisement is much larger than any Facebook previously offered, covering one half or more of the logout page, and it also includes search capabilities on Bing.  Users who wish to carry out a search on Bing can type terms directly into the Bing …

Microsoft Adds New Feature For Bing – Linked Pages

Microsoft Adds New Feature For Bing – Linked Pages

The search engine Bing, the Microsoft-powered alternative for Google, continues the series of improvements by launching a new feature: Linked Pages, a feature that filters results with personal relevance to users.
The Linked Pages application for Bing gathers pages that have relevant content to the Facebook account of the user and then presents them priority when other people search for their names with Bing, according to …

Bing Central to Xbox Update

Microsoft is rolling out a much anticipated and major interface update to the Xbox 360 today, and its search engine Bing is playing a central role in order to provide better navigation.

Users may use voice commands to execute a Bing search with the Xbox 360 interface update.

Bing has traditionally played second fiddle to search engine star Google but with the Xbox 360 it plays a primary role.  Users can use verbal commands like “Xbox, Bing, [search term] to execute a Bing search, …

Bing to Reveal New Features

Bing search engine, which was launched by Microsoft in mid 2009 and promotes itself as a “Decision Engine”, is set to announce new features it has developed in an effort to differentiate itself, and take market share from Google.  Bing will also launch a marketing campaign next year to promote the new features.

Bing to announce new features, launch marketing campaign.

Bing announced this week it has completed its beta testing and soon will fully incorporate the things that worked …

Bing launches Bing Deals

Microsoft search engine Bing has launched a daily deals website called Bing Deals that aggregates daily deals from Groupon, Target, Nordstrom, Living Social, and other daily deal websites, providing shoppers with more than 200,000 deals to search through based on location, category, retailer, or keyword.

Bing introduces daily deals website.

Bing, in its blog post announcing the new service yesterday, acknowledged that there has been much discussion in the media recently about the …

Yahoo!, Bing Have Higher Search Success Rates Than Google – Analytics

Yahoo! And Bing have higher search success rates than their market share-dominant rival Google, a new report from Experian Hitwise reveals.

Bing and Yahoo! have higher search success rates than Google according to July analytics from Experian Hitwise. Image: Danard Vincente / Flickr (CC)

The metric measures the percentage of people searching on these search engines and clicking on one of the displayed links in the search result.
According to Experian Hitwise, Yahoo! had a search success rate …

Bing’s search share stays steady: ComScore

ComScore, the “global leader in measuring the digital world”, released its latest data on the U.S. search market this week and it showed that in July, Bing maintained its 14.4 percent share, Yahoo’s increased somewhat by .2 percent to 16.1 percent, and Google fell .4 percent to 65.1 percent.

Bing's search share remains at 14.4 percent

Google clocked a total of 11.2 billion searches in July, 2 percent higher than June, Yahoo took 2.8 billion, 4 percent higher, and total …