SEO is Hyped: What You Should Do to Avoid Being Google Dependent

Being dependent is the worst thing to happen to anyone. That applies to businesses too. Imagine the nightmare of working with just one client, one vendor, or one customer? How would you possibly run a business with just one employee, if you have a growing

Google Shows Top Search Trends In 2013 Zeitgeist Report

Google Shows Top Search Trends In 2013 Zeitgeist Report

Google has finally released this year’s Zeitgeist report, the company’s annual list of top search trends across the world. And this time, the search giant added a video overview of the search trends and top 100 search terms over the past

The Key Roles Of Social Media In SEO

The Key Roles Of Social Media In SEO

In the early days of online marketing, old search engine optimization (SEO) strategies focused on the most significant factor during that time: link Reveals Its Top Trending Search Terms and Questions of 2013 Reveals Its Top Trending Search Terms and Questions of 2013 has released its top search terms and questions for 2013, mostly connected to names and events related to popular personalities and

Google Helpouts Provide Paid Real-Time Videoconferences With Experts

Google wants to provide more help than what its search engine currently does, so it came up with a product that allows human experts to answers questions using a new real-time online video streaming

Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO: The 3 Things You Need To Boost Your Website [Infographic & Insights]

Looking for a surefire way to boost your website to the first page and even the first entry for a certain search query?
This infographic suggests that you need essentially just three things. These are content marketing, social media and SEO.
In a nutshell, this says that when these three things work together, great results can be achieved.
As we have also been saying here on Social Barrel for a long time, “It all starts with content”. If we were to revise that, we’d say “It all starts …

Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing the landing page of a website is a simple yet efficient method for any business to improve return on investment for spending in an online marketing campaign. It can considerably upturn overall

5 Ways You Can Deal With Duplicate Content Problems

Duplicate content is something every webmaster has to remain vigilant against. There are a number of different duplicate content problems you’ll have to deal with. In some cases, you’ll have to deal with the prospect of copying an entire web page. Sometimes, it’s just a few lines that have caught you out. These problems are separated into on- and off-domain issues. Here’s a description of what each of these issues

Hiring An SEO Firm After Google’s Hummingbird Update

Visibility on search engines is vital online, but choosing among SEOs is obscure. Most small businesses look for local web service companies, whereas national and global companies hire large online marketing

What Google’s Hummingbird Means for Your Business

Google’s newest search algorithm, Hummingbird, represents the biggest revision in the way the search giant operates since 2001. That’s daunting news for businesses that have been working hard to rank well in Google’s listings over the past few years. Naturally, companies that operate major online marketing campaigns are left wondering what sort of changes they’ll need to implement in order to stay